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Best Hotels near Murfreesboro, TN

Recently ranked as the 19th best city in the USA by Money Magazine, Murfreesboro is generally an amazing choice for a weekend getaway. Located in Rutherford County, Murfreesboro has so many amazing things you can see and do on a weekend. From historical sites like Hazen Brigade and the Oaklands Mansion to lush parks like Old Fort Park and Long Hunter State Park, you can’t miss something exciting to pass the weekend in Murfreesboro. If you are looking for a getaway experience in this historic city, here are our top 10 recommendations:

1. Oaklands Mansion

The Oakland s Mansion is a historic castle located in a beautiful plantation that serves as a house museum. Listed as a historic site, there’s so much to see and learn about American history at the mansion. You can take advantage of their free guided tours to understand the role played by the mansion during the Civil War.

You’ll enjoy discovering the hidden gems and exploring the heritage gardens that are some of the most fascinating in the world. Once you are tired, you can take a breather at a native arboretum that’s within the plantation. The mansion is popular with celebrations like weddings and parties. So, you can mark your special occasion there.

2. Motel 6

If you are looking for an exciting stop after leaving Go USA Fun Park or Getaway Island on a weekend, you should consider Motel 6. The motel is known to accommodate the needs of all kinds of people. For example, their facilities are wheelchair-accessible, thus friendly for guests with special needs.

The Motel is also pet-friendly and so you can always bring your animal friend along. Moreover, children are also considered. The hotel management provides extra beds for older kids and cribs for infants. As a guest, you are promised advantages like private bathrooms, housekeeping, air conditioning, free local calls, cable TV, and Wi-Fi.

3. Sleep Inn

Sleep Inn is a fine hotel located about 25 km from Nashville Airport and a few meters away from the Stones River Mall. The Inn allows you easy access to Oaklands Mansion, Cannonsburgh Village, and Stones River National Battlefield.

It’s generally a family-friendly getaway with conveniences like an outdoor swimming pool, an indoor gym, and free Wi-Fi. They also have secure free parking for all guests. You can enjoy things like cable TV, refrigerators, and coffee makers inside the rooms.

4. Embassy Suites

If you are looking for a weekend getaway in Murfreesboro where German is spoken, then the best place to go is the Embassy Suites. Located close to Nashville Airport, this getaway has everything you expect in a vacation dwelling. They have comfortable rooms with conveniences like room service, sofa beds, and microwaves.

For entertainment, there’s free Wi-F and you can enjoy LCD in the living rooms. What’s more, they have an indoor pool where you can cool off at any time of the day. Their packages are very friendly and they are known to include breakfast. If you want something special during the day, there is a restaurant close.

5. Baymont by Wyndham

This is another weekend getaway that is close to the Stones River Mall. Most guests look forward to enjoying the free breakfast that they offer every morning. Other free provisions include local calls, Wi-Fi, and parking. Their rooms are cozy and world-class, featuring provisions like cable TV, hairdryer, air conditioning, and refrigerators.

Outside, you can enjoy a spacious pool, picnic area, gym, and dry cleaning services. The management allows pets and so you don’t have to live yours at home. Furthermore, they provide infant beds upon request to allow you to bring your baby to the resort.

6. Comfort Suites

Only one word can describe this amazing getaway – Comfort. It lives true to its name. Comfort Suites is located 43.1 km away from Nashville Airport and promises a luxurious getaway experience. Guests can enjoy a spa tub, satellite channels, elevator access, flat TV, free local calls, laundering services, among others.

They also have enough parking to accommodate both trucks and buses. Though the destination is business-friendly, it’s also a nice spot for romantic getaways. Unfortunately, they don’t allow pets. But overall, they have anything that you may need to have a memorable weekend away from home.

7. Tru by Hilton

Tru by Hilton is a pool hotel located 6.5 km off Middle Tennessee State University and 36.9 km away from Nashville Airport. Other than the university, the hotel is close to the Oaklands Mansion, Stones River National Battlefield, and Earth Experience.

Generally, the hotel is an amazing getaway for couples looking for an exciting romantic experience. The facilities are pet-friendly and there’s a spacious swimming pool where you can relax. The rooms guarantee lovely comforts such as king-size beds, hot breakfast, and Wi-Fi.

8. Residence Inn

Residence Inn is just 35.9 km from Nashville Airport. It’s a classy getaway for anyone ready for some crazy adventure. The hotel allows you to access Macaroni Grille, Bar Louie, and Walmart Market easily. You can also visit the Nice Mill Dam Recreational Area and Johnny Floyd Stadium conveniently.

Things to enjoy at the getaway include a spacious swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, gym, and ample parking. Their rooms are king-size with king-like conveniences like sofa beds, ironing services, barbeque facilities, and laundry advantages.

9. Country Inn & Suites

The Country Inn & Suites is known to cater to guests with different budgets. They have standard rooms for the average guests and kings and queen rooms for the luxurious guests. Regardless of the room that you choose, you can enjoy air conditioning, laundry facilities, free Wi-Fi, Gym, and complimentary breakfast.

County Inn & Suites allow both pets and kids, which makes it such a great weekend getaway. The location is strategic as it allows you to access the Oaklands Mansion, Barfield-Crescent, and Discovery Center conveniently.

10. Holiday Inn

Judging by the name, Holiday Inn is an amazing getaway for someone looking for an adventurous holiday experience away from home. This popular inn is just 35.5 km away from Nashville Airport. Guests can easily explore Stones River National Cemetery, Mayday Brewery, and the Oaklands Mansion that are a few kilometers away.

The inn itself is also fun. Their rooms allow you to enjoy facilities like air conditioning, private bathrooms, ironing facilities, cable channels, and bathtubs. Outside, you can access a bar, a restaurant, and a gym.

Closing Thought:

You want your weekend to be fun, adventurous, ad memorable. This is exactly what the above getaways promise. They are genuinely Murfreesboro’s finest and thus great for romantic exploits and other vacationing reasons.

The Best Brunch in Murfreesboro, TN

Missed on breakfast and are thinking it’s too early to have lunch? Then you should consider having brunch. The good thing about brunch is that you are able to unify breakfast and lunch. This is quite economical since you are able to have one meal instead of two. Speaking of economical; there’s no better place to have brunch on a budget than Murfreesboro.

Murfreesboro is historically known to have some of the best food joints in Tennessee. So, you can count on these joints to impress during brunch time. Whether it’s on a weekday or a weekend, you can always go to your favorite brunch spot to grab your preferred delicacy. Here are some of the places you can get the best brunch experience in Murfreesboro:

  1. Puckett’s (114N Church Street)

For locals on Church Street, Sunday is always the day to visit Puckett’s for brunch. It’s quite understandable considering the kind of food items you find on the brunch menu. The restaurant is known to serve the best pancakes, bacon, and sausages. This is not all. Their eggs are also specially prepared to appear not just unique but insanely tasty. They are also known to serve tasty potatoes during brunch for those who want something that has a plant origin. The Puckett’s is genuinely an amazing stop for brunch.

  1. Bonefish Grill (505N Thompson Lane)

Just the sound of the name makes you want to visit this brunch spot. Actually, it’s a great spot for someone who always prefers some meat or fish on their plate. Other than the two protein sources, they serve green eggs and sprouts for brunch. Their meals are both pleasant to the eye and nutritious. In case you just want something simple and familiar on your plate, then you can order French toast with a mimosa. Their Bloody Mary is also amazing if you are a fan of the option. The best time to visit the joint is from 10 am on weekends.

  1. First Watch (1970 Medical Center Pkwy)

Some of the adjectives that can be used to describe brunch at First Watch include tasty, irresistible, mouthwatering, finger licking, and aromatic. What’s clear is the fact that First Watch never disappoints during brunch time. This is where you get the best egg sandwiches, tacos, Belgium wafers, and omelets. We can’t also forget to mention their avocado toasts and fresh fruit juices. Basically, First Watch guarantees you a complete and most satisfactory brunch plate. You can drop at the joint any time in the mid-morning hours.

  1. Metro Diner (711N Thompson lane)

Any time you want to have a mimosa, you can have it at Metro Diners. You can order it for just $3. Interestingly, you also pay the same price for Bloody Mary. The price is quite affordable if you consider how much you pay for these cocktails at most brunch spots. Other options you can have for brunch include French toast and pancakes. The options are quite delicious and are able to fill your stomach quicker than you can imagine. The pancakes, for example, are not your ordinary pancakes. They come at the correct size and are prepared in a way that they are exceptionally good. Your kids, in particular, will find them irresistible. The joint runs from morning till late in the evening, every day of the week.

  1. Bar Louie (2615 Medical Center Pkwy)

On Sundays, most people go to Bar Louie to nurse their hangovers. This amazing joint serves the best egg classics which leave you wanting more. From bottomless mimosas to pancakes, the dishes are just splendid. If you prefer to order a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, you can order it at the bar. Though Sundays are the best time to have brunch at bar Louie, you can still visit the joint on Saturdays, any time of the day. Because most people go there to nurse hangovers, the joint tends to pick slowly during brunch hours.

  1. The Goat (2355 Adwell Street)

When most people hear of the Goat, all they think about is goat meat. Though goat meat is served at the brunch spot, there’s more to expect. You can find meat items like braised pork and turkey on the brunch menu in addition to goat steaks. If it is brunch, then it’s never complete without a mimosa. That’s the beauty of going to a more elaborate brunch spot like the Goat. You can go there for brunch anytime between 10 am and 2 pm. The spot doesn’t just guarantee you the best serving but also a great setup. The overall ambiance is just amazing.

  1. City Café (113E Main Street)

City Café has the setting and the serving of a modern American café. You can visit them for brunch all days of the week and are guaranteed consistency each time. They have takeout options and so you don’t have to stay there to have your meal. But if you decide to, they have an amazing sitting area that also features highchairs. The most attractive thing about City Café is that the facility is designed to be accessed even by people on wheelchair. Moreover, they have table service for your enjoyment. You can order anything ranging from biscuit and toast to eggs and steaks.

  1. Panera Bread (1970 Old Fort)

The moment you order bread from Panera Bread, it becomes easy to understand why the café had to assume the name. The truth is that their bread is just exquisite. Both the preparation and styling make the difference. Other things to enjoy for brunch include soups, vegetables, and desserts. They serve some really amazing carrot cakes for dessert. Their location is really convenient and their prices are very reasonable.

  1. Party Fowl (127 S.E Broad Street)

Lastly, no one said that you can’t have something hot during brunch. So, if you want something that’s straight from the oven during brunch, you should go to Party Fowl. You’ll be served with options like Cornish chicken, hot chicken with biscuits, and scotch eggs. But in case you want something room temperature, you can ask for okra and French toast. You’ll also find Bloody Mary and avocado to accompany the dishes. You can visit the spot for brunch on weekends starting from 10 am.

Closing Thought:

Generally, brunch is a great idea when you want to have your lunch early or you just missed on breakfast. Either way, you are guaranteed the best food experience if you choose to visit any of the above-mentioned spots in Murfreesboro. You’ll enjoy every second spent there.

The Best Coffee Shops near Murfreesboro, TN

At Healing Hands Chiropractic, we know that coffee makes the world go ’round! Read on for our favorite coffee shops in Murfreesboro, TN!

  1. Just Love Coffee & Eatery Murfreesboro East

With several area locations, Just Love Coffee and Eatery turned a hand-roasted coffee business into socially minded community enterprises. Breakfast options include stuffed waffles, while tortillas and quinoa and black bean salad bowls among the lunch and dinner choices.

To say that stepping into Just Love Coffee Cafe Murfreesboro East is a unique experience is an understatement. The shop boasts of a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that is unlike anything in Murfreesboro. All of their coffee is hand-roasted at their facility in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, so you know it’s fresh. Be sure to try their Nitro Coffee (cold brew infused with nitrogen). Ample seating that includes a loft that overlooks a dining area and an eclectic mix of tunes make this location a great destination to hang out with friends.

  1. Coffee Fusion

This is a small cafe that offers the flavors of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and America. This little cafe doesn’t just have coffee and tea; they have Vietnamese, Thai, and Laotian dishes and goodies. Their pad Thai is out of this world. Their bread is absolutely perfect. The aroma, the crunch, the texture is of top quality. They don’t make the bread on-site, but apparently their supplier is close by and knows what they are doing. Their Thai tea is great, too. They use real dairy unlike many other places these days. Service is excellent, and they have plenty of space for small groups or some solo-studying.

  1. Simply Pure Sweets

First of all, the coffee is super cheap, and tastes great. Their pastries, sandwiches, basically all their food is delicious. Most people favorite is the molasses cookie with the loaded sausage and cheddar biscuit. Everything is well priced and you get way more for what you pay for than you would anywhere else. The staff is also very sweet, and knows exactly what you order as soon as you walk in. They’ve never messed up your order, and the food is always been delicious.

It’s a great place to study or grab coffee with friends. It’s almost always quiet and peaceful. There is also small kids area with toys and stuff to keep them entertained

  1. Just Love Coffee & Eatery Murfreesboro West

The shop offers all of the deliciously popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees such as the Womelette, Jive Turkey, Quinoa Black Bean Salad or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Waffle. Of course serving their famous hand-brewed coffees and specialty. What are you waiting for? We’re ready to serve you some Love. Great food and great choice of coffees. Great meeting place for friends or nice place to sit and sip coffee relax and use your computer. Staff is always friendly and eager to help with selections of what to enjoy. Having a fun concept with everything being prepared in a waffle-press, with great service and really tasty treats.

  1. Cali’s Coffee & Creamery

First off it’s pretty family friendly which was good for most people. Everyone was able to get something they liked. The staff was friendly and able to answer all the questions a first timer would have. They do offer different items as well including coffee and a croissant sandwich (bacon egg and cheese) in average seizes and very delicious too. They serve food on actual plates and they have real silverware, they also have plastic silverware. They also have fruit tea which is pretty good. Looking clean all the time and has a lovely atmosphere. Always delicious, give this place a try, you’ll be glad you did! Prices are a little high, but it’s worth it. The coffee is the favorite thing on the menu.

  1. Yum E Donuts

One of the cutest donut shops around. A cute place to check out if you’re ever in Murfreesboro, TN area. You just walk in, and order whatever you want. They have various donuts for you to choose from, and also a menu board for their breakfast sandwiches. They also have breakfast quesadillas. Their water dispensary area is very cute. They have lemon, mint, and cucumber in their water. They also serve good coffee too with a generous amount of bacon. Their apple fritters are huge and taste delicious. The service is excellent and highly recommend.

  1. The Soda Bar

This is a cute little shop located in the Fountains of Gateway. They have a variety of ice cream and soda/coffee. You should try their Mocha with a shot of espresso.. Their tables have phone chargers on top and that’s a really cool feature. Nice place to grab a drink and socialize with family and friends. Also, you’ll enjoy looking around at the different Home decor and stationery section of the shop.

  1. Carpe Café

Unlike most of the chain coffee shops, Carpe Cafe has a really cozy, welcoming feel. The play the right music, listenable and not too loud, so as to detract you from being able to think and carry on a conversation. The staff is very friendly, exemplifying great customer service in making sure that what you order is just what you get. There is a lot of room and very comfortable seating area. Customers could bring out their computers and take time to do some work while waiting to get served. This is most people go-to place. Really cute place, with a good variety of tea and coffee mixtures available. They way they’ve displayed their menu is really cool too.

  1. Starbucks

What a gorgeous place. The rock fireplace looks beautiful, not common like in other Starbucks shops before. You definitely get that nice Tennessee vibe from this location. There have large tables so a large group could gather or you could spread out and work. Their fireplace is two sided with a seating area inside and outside. You can get your coffee and decide to sit by a fire and sip your drink. The drinks were delicious and the service is always fast. They also have good Chai and the variety and freshness of the pastries was above average.


4th of July Events in Middle Tennessee

It’s hard to believe it, but the 4th of July is right around the corner! This summer holiday gives us all a chance to celebrate America with our friends, family, and loved ones, while usually watching some incredible fireworks and eating some delicious barbecue. One thing’s for sure, Middle Tennessee knows how to celebrate Independence Day in style. Read on for the best 4th of July Events happening this weekend and into the holiday in Middle Tennessee!

Rutherford County Events

Rock the Pool and Celebration Under the Stars — Celebrate July 4th in Murfreesboro, TN at McKnight Park. From 10am-4:30pm come “Rock the Pool” at their Independence Day bash featuring contests, games, and more. This is great for all ages!

Enjoy their “Celebration Under the Stars” with your friends and family. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy the games, activities, live band, Murfreesboro Symphony, fireworks, and refreshments. This runs from 3:30pm – after the fireworks display at 9:30pm. For a full schedule of events, click here.

4 on the 4th — Head over to Providence Christian Academy (410 DeJarnette Lane) for a 4 mile run/walk. The Kid’s Fun Run is for ages 4-9 and starts at 8:45am for $10. After the races enjoy live music, carnival food, inflatables, and more! For more info call 615-220-1600.

La Vergne July 4th Celebration — Head on down to Veterans Memorial Park, located at 115 Floyd Mayfield Drive. The event is free and includes fireworks, a concert, food vendors, and other family friendly activities! Gates open at 5:30pm, with music starting at 6:30pm featuring Missy Garnet and the Two Dollar Pistols.

Bring you lawn chairs, blankets, and your own picnic dinner if you’d like! There will also be a selection of food vendors onsite. Fireworks begin at dusk.

Smyrna Independence Day Celebration — On Monday, July 3, there will be music, food, and fun activities at Lee Victory Recreation Park (110 Sam Ridley Parkway East) in Smyrna for the city’s annual Independence Day celebration! Starting at 5pm, kids can play on inflatables or take a train ride provided by C&R Railroad.

Pack a picnic or dine on the onsite concessions. Enjoy the lively music featuring 2nd & Vine, then sit back and enjoy the fireworks show at dusk!

Davidson County 4th of July Events

Downtown Fireworks — The downtown Nashville fireworks are easily the biggest party happening in Nashville on the 4th of July. The party starts at noon with its concert series, headlined by Chris Young, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and more. The Nashville Symphony will be there playing during the actual fireworks show! There will be plenty of family friendly eats and activities at this shindig. For a full list of details and times, click here.

If the thought of parking downtown for the holiday makes you sweat, don’t forget you can always take an Uber or Lyft, or even hop aboard the Music City Star! The Music City Star train will take you right to the celebration, with you arriving river front by 5pm. For tickets and train times, click here, and purchase early!

The Nashville Sounds — What is more American that a night at the baseball park? The Nashville Sounds are in town all of the holiday weekend! From June 30-July 3, you can see the Sounds take on Oklahoma City. With plenty of promos, family fun, ballpark food, and post game fireworks, the Nashville Sounds know how to celebrate the 4th! For schedule information and tickets, click here.

Nashville Hot Chicken Festival — Nashville is famous for a lot of things, including its incredible hot chicken. 2017 marks the festival’s 11th year. The festival brings together the local community and visitors to celebrate Nashville’s famous hot chicken. The event is FREE and held in East Park at 700 Woodland Street on July 4. There’s a fire truck parade at 10:30am, followed by free hot chicken samples to the first 500 people in line.

Festival gates officially open at 11am. Visitors can enjoy hot chicken from all of Nashville’s best hot chicken establishments, cold beer from Yazoo Brewery, and other tasty treats from local vendors.

It’s a Nashville party, so of course there will be live music from local bands. There’s even an Amateur Cooking Competition where 5 teams will give their best effort at cooking up their own version of hot chicken. The event is over at 3pm, giving everyone plenty of time to head downtown for the fireworks! For more info on the event, click here.

Williamson County

Nolensville Star Spangled Celebration — The city of Nolensville will celebrate Independence Day with its Star Spangled Celebration on Saturday, July 1. The event starts at 6pm and is located in Nolensville Park. Bring your family, friends, and loved ones for food trucks, inflatables, and live music. Fireworks start at dusk!

Franklin on the Fourth — Franklin’s annual 4th of July celebration begins at 10am on July 4th. It includes plenty of family fun, great music, arts and crafts, delicious food, antique cars, and a huge kid’s zone.

The festival is free and features food vendors ranging from corn dogs to smoothies, ice cream to frozen lemonade, and everything in between. Craft vendors fill the area with their incredible handmade items. The kid’s zone will feature inflatables, a petting zoo, and pony rides. There’s even a fun Children’s Parade that starts lining up at 4:45pm and starts at 5pm.

This event ends at 8pm in order to give attendees plenty of time to get to the Fireworks Display at the Park at Harlinsdale Farm. This display is put on by the city of Franklin and its sponsors, and starts around 9pm.

Brentwood July 4th Celebration — Celebrate the 4th in Brentwood at Crockett Park, located at 1500 Volunteer Parkway. The Kadillacs will provide all the entertain you need for the evening with their male and female vocalists, amazing rhythm section, and hot horn section. They play Big Band and Jazz of the 40s, Motown, Beach and Classic Rock of the 60s, Disco and Funk of the 70s, and classics from the 80s and 90s. Show starts at 7pm.


Upcoming Festivals in Middle Tennessee

Spring has sprung in Middle Tennessee! It’s officially festival season. Middle Tennessee is known for some of its great family-friendly festivals. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite, upcoming, family-friendly festivals for you and yours to enjoy! Read on for more information.

7 Festivals to Enjoy This Spring in Middle Tennessee

#1 Main Street Festival

When: April 29th 10am-6pm and April 30th 11am-5pm

Where: Downtown Franklin

Cost: Free

The Heritage Foundation’s Main Street Festival is back again in downtown Franklin. Visit this festival for a weekend full of music, arts and crafts, food, a children’s carnival, performances, and more!

Live music will take place in three areas — view the full performance schedule here. Third Avenue North will feature the kids’ zone with plenty of old-fashioned carnival games, a cake walk, a dunk tank, and more. There will be a ferris wheel, kiddie swings, pony rides, and petting zoo available for a small fee. “Big kid” attractions will take place on Fourth Avenue North.

More than 150 artisans and crafters will be present at this year’s festival with their handmade goods! Jewelry, pottery, furniture, woodworking, photography, and more can be found in the booths along Main Street.

Eat your heart out at one of the more than 25 food vendors and make memories the whole family will enjoy for years to come!

#2 Nashville Taco Fest

When: May 6th 12pm-8pm and May 7th 12pm-8pm

Where: Nissan Stadium, 1 Titans Way, Nashville, TN 37213

Cost: General Admission $21-25, VIP $75-80

This will be the first annual Nashville Taco Fest! Portions of the proceeds from this festival will go towards area non-profits including: Opportunity Now Initiative, East Nashville Athletics, Conexion Americas, Be About Change, and the Lydia Smith Sickle Cell Foundation.

There will be plenty of tacos galore, as well as:

  • Taco Trucks and Vendors
  • Hot Pepper Eating Contest
  • Taco Eating Competition
  • Club Ibiza Salsa Dance Tent
  • Mechanical Bull
  • Mariachi Bands
  • Margarita Mixdown Competition
  • Chihuahua Costume Contest
  • Specialty Margaritas
  • Kid Zone
  • VIP Experience
  • Hourly Taco Giveaways
  • Live Bands

For more information check out www.nashvilletacofest.com.

#3 Backyard BBQ Fest

When: April 29th 10am-5pm

Where: Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro, TN

Cost: Free

Backyard BBQ Fest is presented by The Hoof restaurant and organized by the Murfreesboro Breakfast Rotary Club. This year’s 3rd annual Backyard BBQ Festival will take place on the historic grounds of Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro. Take in the smells of the delicious bbq, join in on a rib eating contest, sip on craft beers, and dine on competition style bbq! You can even watch some of the top cookers in Middle Tennessee brawl it out over who has the best bbq in town.

#4 Main Street JazzFest

When: Friday May 5th and Saturday May 6th

Where: Murfreesboro, TN, Downtown Square

Cost: Free

Main Street’s JazzFest is a great place to people-watch, eat, drink, ship, mingle, soak up the sun, and hear some phenomenal jazz music! New artists are being added to the lineup daily. One thing’s for certain, this festival will have you dancing in the streets!

#5 Strawberry Festival

When: May 13th, from 7am on

Where: Portland, TN

Cost: most events free

Start the day off at 7am with the Portland Rotary Pancake Breakfast! Located at First Baptist Church in the gym, this will cost you $7 for adults and $4 for kids.

After you’ve carbo-loaded at the pancake breakfast, take a run in the Strawberry Stride 5k at Portland High School!

From 9am-4pm you can shop over 115 vendors with food, craft items, and more. For only $5 kids can enjoy KidTown USA all day long. There will also be outstanding music on Market Street all day! Click here for the full day’s events.

#6 Franklin Farmer’s Market Summer Festivals

Each year, the Franklin Farmer’s Market puts on a handful of fun festivals for the entire family! Here is this year’s festival lineup — enjoy one, enjoy them all — you can’t go wrong!

Strawberry Festival – May 13, 8am – 1:00pm

  • Farm fresh strawberries, fun and games, and the best strawberry shortcake you’ll ever have are just a few of the highlights of this strawberry themed festival!

Tomato Festival – July 15, 8am – 1:00pm

  • If you love tomatoes, this is the festival for you! Celebrate summer’s favorite vegetable with plenty of tomato tastings, fun, and games.

Watermelon Festival – August 19, 8am – 1:00pm

  • In honor of summer’s favorite fruit, head on down to Franklin for fun, games, a watermelon seed spitting contest, and a watermelon eating contest!

#7 Sevier Park Fest

When: May 5th 6pm-11pm and May 6th 10am-6pm

Where: Sevier Park, Nashville, TN

Cost: Friday night’s events require a ticket, Saturday is free to the public

Friday night’s concert will feature The Lone Bellow, Muddy Magnolias, and Family and Friends. You can get tickets for this event here.

Saturday’s event is free to the public. It will feature unique local vendors, food, art, fashion, pet adoptions, music, and more! With bike races, a hot wing eating contest, the Publix kid area, and more, Sevier Park is the place to be this weekend!

Sevier Park Fest is a benefit for the Friends of Sevier Park and celebrates the 12th South, Belmont, Hillsboro, and surrounding neighborhoods in an effort to promote local talent and businesses. Full festival details can be found here.

Healing Hands Chiropractic Loves Middle Tennessee

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Through regular chiropractic care, Dr. Dee can help your body function as it should, healing itself from the inside out. This allows you to get up, get moving, and get active in the community! Schedule your consultation and appointment today with Murfreesboro’s favorite chiropractor!

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