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Healing Hands Chiropractic

151 Heritage Park Drive Suite 401, Murfreesboro, TN 37129


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Client Testimonials

Amazing experience! She goes above and beyond, always bringing in new aspects to her clients unique needs! And all 3 of my kiddos have loved her since before birth! Loved working with Sara today too for some great pelvic floor work and great advice with my separated tummy muscles!
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Kendra Barr
17:58 15 Jan 21
I have never received chiropractic service before but heard a lot of my coworkers and battle buddies using it. After my first visit I was amazed at how much the service helped me feel better through what seemed like years of pain that became tolerable, which makes me feel like I’m on the right track to recovery from years of abuse in military, law enforcement, and poor eating
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t thom
15:11 01 Jan 21
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Kedren Falk
18:53 30 Dec 20
I love going to see Dr. Dee and Beth! Dr. Dee takes the time to talk to you and know you before she starts working on your aches and pains. She and Beth are two of the kindest ladies you will ever meet!
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Casey Burrahm
14:20 30 Dec 20
Dr. Susan is a great Chiropractor. He method is similar to Dr D's as she feels with her hands and then addresses the problem in that area. Plus she is also very friendly and easy to talk to.
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Gordon Greene
17:11 17 Dec 20
Dr. Dee and Beth are sweet, professional, caring, and accommodating of work schedules. It’s always a great experience and leave feeling better every time.
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Martin Martinez
17:40 08 Dec 20
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April Dehm
14:20 06 Dec 20
I trust Dr.Dee with my life 🙂
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Valerie Mejia
14:02 06 Dec 20
Healing Hands Chiropractic is amazing! Regular adjustments always keeps me in a much better place. My body stays healthy and it’s much easier to function when your body is not in pain.
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Joni Wadell
19:24 26 Nov 20
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charles shaffer
17:09 25 Nov 20
Dr. D is an amazing person and provider. She and Beth make every trip to this office a bright spot in your day. They are special women and very talented and I can’t recommend this office enough!
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Gillian Choate
14:08 05 Nov 20
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Randy Taylor
01:22 22 Oct 20
Healing Hands Chiropractic office is clean, fun and a place of honor and respect. From the charming front office staff to Dr. Dee's knowledge and expertise, it runs like a well oiled engine.
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Amie Igou
13:57 17 Oct 20
Very caring and professional, great family atmosphere as a Doctor, Dr. Dee is the best.
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Cassandra Sanders
13:18 11 Oct 20
Love this place. Love the staff. Dr. “dee” is the best I’ve seen in my 46 years of living. She does a great job of educating her clients about their issues as well.
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tyson leslie
17:46 10 Oct 20
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Caroline Caudill
14:09 08 Oct 20
Healing Hands is a family, and they treat you that way. Dr. Dee is very knowledgeable and kind. She does such a great job and takes you along on the journey with her to helping you heal and grow, however that may look for each individual. Beth is such a sweetheart and a kind, warm, welcoming presence in the office!
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Maddie Blankenship
13:55 07 Oct 20
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Mark Davenport
16:19 06 Oct 20
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Amy Hart
16:14 06 Oct 20
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Meia K
13:32 27 Sep 20
We love Dr. Dee and Beth! Dr. Dee adjusts our whole family which includes 5 kids ranging from 13 years old to 18 months. They look forward to their visits with her and always sleep great afterwards! Thank you Dr. Dee for helping us live a healthier/stronger life!
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Jocelyn Gilday
13:09 25 Sep 20
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Taylor Hardy
18:03 18 Sep 20
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Blake Northern Essentially Offroad
18:10 15 Sep 20
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Morgan Herriman
17:01 15 Sep 20
The Ladies are the most wonderful people and their smiles are as beautiful as an early morning sunrise. Awsome experience!!!!!!
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Bodinkle robinson
16:15 11 Sep 20
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Krystina Townes
14:35 11 Sep 20
Quality care and affordable for a family!
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00:01 01 Sep 20
Everyone is caring and compassionate.
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Patricia McGee
16:41 28 Aug 20
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David Goodgine
18:56 27 Aug 20
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Kelley Wallace
13:05 27 Aug 20
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Hunter Wesson
01:24 21 Aug 20
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Bryleigh Schmitz
16:26 14 Aug 20
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courtney martin
13:33 14 Aug 20
Great staff. Dr Dee is very knowledgeable and cares about her patients. Highly recommend!
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Bethany Bratcher
16:36 13 Aug 20
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Lisa Yingst
16:57 28 Jul 20
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Chris Phillips
17:48 21 Jul 20
Friendly staff, beautiful office, wonderful chiropractic service. Dr. Dee helped not just my back and neck but also my knees. Highly recommended!
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Ralph Krisher
16:12 21 Jul 20
Dr. Dee is amazing at what she does! I have been seeing her for almost 2 years and she is so knowledgeable and sweet! I am a NP and I recommend her to all my patients!
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Alana Moore
16:11 15 Jul 20
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Jeff Swain
16:11 09 Jul 20
Outstanding people, very welcoming and know exactly what they’re doing. Highly recommend!
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Jacob Partee
13:30 03 Jul 20
Dr. Dee and her faithful assistant Beth are extremely sweet women. Dee is a consummate professional and genuinely cares about her patients and their wellbeing. Beth always has a smile in her voice and is very accommodating when scheduling a session. I always look forward to my visit.
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Marc Jenkins
18:17 02 Jul 20
Most caring Doctor and staff I’ve ever seen!!
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Hannah Jones
17:49 12 Jun 20
Open treatment area allows for quick and efficient treatment of multiple clients. Dr. D and Beth are awesome. 5 stars would recommend.
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Caleb O'Gorman
16:12 12 Jun 20
Dr Dee is so knowledgable and helpful with how the body works and keeping it on track. I love the family and laid back environment as well.
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The OrangeLady212
18:22 10 Jun 20
I remember Dr. Dee when she first started out. And I have been with her ever since, I will never go to another chiropractor. My daughter and I have been going for 7 years, we started out with actual physical ailments, but now we only go for maintenance. Not only is it physically healing, but spiritually as well. Not only do we love her and her stuff, but we give a big shout out to her cute puppy leo!!!
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Kristianna Leverette
16:16 10 Jun 20
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Hylan Alsup
16:08 09 Jun 20
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Jacob Steelman
20:41 05 Jun 20
Dr. Amanda Dee Baes is a true craftsman. She not only listens to what her patients say, but she educates as she treats. I have been working with her since 2016 and can see massive improvement in my mobility, balance, and immune system. I have less pain during my heavy workouts and know that her expertise is only going to bring me further in my recovery and strength. After experiencing a back & shoulder injury, we have made significant progress together. I highly recommend her over anyone else in the middle Tennessee area for chiropractic care!!!
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Amy Robinson
10:53 04 Jun 20
Cant say enough good things about Dr. Dee. Zero back issues in a year and a half. Beth is awesome too 😬.
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Cliff Vaughn
16:07 03 Jun 20
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Kayla Brannom
18:29 02 Jun 20
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Colt Harris
16:16 28 May 20
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Leslie Washburn
13:13 27 May 20
Super friendly! Dr. Dee is the best!
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Emily Edge
13:06 22 May 20
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Mr Smith
16:39 19 May 20
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Kaci Payne
18:28 13 May 20
Fantastic experience 🙂. This is a truly healing environment and exemplary standards of care. I would highly recommend this facility.
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Jennifer Farmer
15:52 07 May 20
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Khristian Schlemmer
19:04 29 Apr 20
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Adam Durham
16:40 19 Apr 20
Dr Dee and Beth at absolutely amazing!!!!!
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Scott Dickey
16:16 11 Apr 20
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Abbie Clark
13:54 04 Apr 20
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Tamara Raphaeli
15:16 18 Mar 20
This doctor takes care of all my needs and specialized treatments that suit me. We have a great relationship and she is very focused on my treatment and recovery after my accident. Dr.Dee always makes me feel welcome and honestly one of the highlights of my week. Best chiropractor you can find in the Area.
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Keira Chopp
16:01 12 Mar 20
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Samantha Patterson
14:04 22 Feb 20
I am so impressed! I started taking my 3 month old son here to treat his torticollis not really knowing what to expect. And oh my goodness the improvement we saw immediately. Best thing we did! Dr. Dee is very knowledgeable and gentle. If you have a baby suffering from torticollis make an appointment! You won’t be disappointed.
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Andrea Johnson
14:09 18 Feb 20
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Dale Kelsey
17:20 14 Feb 20
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Beverley Day Budds
20:50 12 Feb 20
We have been going to Dr. Dee for over 2 years now. She has helped me through both of my pregnancies and now my two children. We just love her and Beth!
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Lauren Haggard
17:51 11 Feb 20
I would be disabled if it weren’t for Dr. Dee.She got me out of pain and gave me the therapeutic modalities to keep my spine maintained. Love this doc and office!Thanks so much.
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Andy Flipse
17:20 08 Feb 20
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Erin Pace
14:55 05 Feb 20
How do I begin... we LOVE Dr. Dee and Beth! I saw Dr. Dee with debilitating TMJD after being referred to an oral surgeon. I did not want to have surgery, and now I don't have to!! Dr. Dee's treatment plan has given me back my quality of life, I am now pain free. I look forward to visiting the office, my daughters now love going and getting adjusted and love going to see Dr. Dee. She is so knowledgeable and takes the time to explain how, what, and why... I am so thankful to have found her!
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Ashley Piper
13:48 24 Jan 20
Loved my first visit to Healing Hands. Dr. Dee and her staff were very attentive and helpful. I’m looking forward to working with them.
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K Davis
17:43 23 Jan 20
Started seeing Dr. Dee after a car accident. A few visits in I was telling her about some issues my daughter was having. She recommended I bring her in. After my daughter's last visit her issue was COMPLETELY cleared up!!! Now I have a very happy girl with more confidence!!!
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Megan Graham
15:05 23 Jan 20
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Monica Robertson
16:58 22 Jan 20
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Marilynn Sullivan Hart
17:09 21 Jan 20
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Tyler Rowlison
13:29 15 Jan 20
My dentist recommended Dr. Dee for TMJ which was causing hearing/ear issues. Dr. Dee has helped me more in 2 visits than my ENT and tube placement surgery did. I’m so glad my dentist recommended her!
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Amanda Larkins
21:04 14 Jan 20
I don't know what I would do without these beautiful ladies..they help my body and my mind..
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karen melton
17:32 11 Jan 20
This an awesome place. You get greeted like a best friend every visit and Dr. D actually cares. My kids LOVE her and she's helped me and my husband regain an active life. She takes the time to figure things out but she also holds you accountable for yourself.
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Natasha M Fitness
17:54 10 Jan 20
My son and I were in a car accident and went to see Dr Dee to get checked out. She was amazingly gentle and reassuring to us and got us organized with a treatment plan immediately.
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Stef Cole
18:10 03 Jan 20
Love this place! Dr. Dee & her staff are awesome. Very friendly & kind to you & she has helped me very much with her expertise.
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Terri Tucker
17:10 31 Dec 19
Dr. Dee is amazing at what she does! My son and I have received the best care from her. We can’t recommend her enough!! Beth is a joy as well!
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Lori Hackney
00:07 31 Dec 19
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Adam Coggin
02:30 22 Dec 19
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Tanner Owens
01:40 20 Dec 19
Dr Dee and Beth not only put my head on straight again but now they maintain it monthly. No more shoulder and neck pain!!
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Michael Busey
17:40 18 Dec 19
Dr Amanda, Beth and all her staff members preparation, dedication and experience; they've had, took the Chiropractor experience to the next level, simply the Best!!!
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Jesus Moreno Zarco
16:15 18 Dec 19
Dr. Dee is wonderful and very knowledgeable and She and Beth, the office manager, are very friendly. I highly recommend Healing Hands Chiropractic.
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Susan Lyons
01:18 17 Dec 19
We have been to Dr Dee for 4 years! She has helped me during my first pregnancy, with my first child, all the way through to my third child! She has adjusted both in womb and immediately out! Her kind and knowledgeable manner is wonderful to be around! She is flexible and understanding! Go see her as soon as you can. You won't regret it!
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Kendra Barr
17:30 15 Dec 19
Dr. Dee keeps our entire family moving. She knows her stuff. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to let her help me.
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J Kulikowski
17:30 14 Dec 19
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Lou Westcott
16:45 14 Dec 19
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Connie Messer
14:16 14 Dec 19
Dr. D and Beth are the most amazing young ladies I know. They are very professional and take care of me very well. Let’s just say Dr. D keeps me straight ;-).
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Lane Wommack
14:10 14 Dec 19
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Casey Riemer
17:50 13 Dec 19
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Kristin Garvin
17:35 13 Dec 19
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Timothy Odegard
14:04 13 Dec 19
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Monkey See Monkey Do
20:01 11 Dec 19
I always feel welcomed by Beth and Dr D. I would recommend any one who’s looking for a chiropractor to give Healing Hands their business.!!!!!
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Terrence McConnell
20:01 11 Dec 19
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Brian Gilday
21:54 07 Dec 19
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Sloan Walters
00:06 07 Dec 19
Dr. Dee and Miss Beth are sweet and knowledgeable, and it always is a relief to get an adjustment. Dr. Dee is gentle and effective.I started going because of TMJD pain and “rediscovered” my medium-grade constant tension headache—only to find that it was going away! I’d had it for so long that I had “blocked” it and learned to live with it. I am so glad to be rid of it!
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Rebecca Kosierowski
23:19 06 Dec 19
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Melissa Melton
17:53 04 Dec 19
Amazing is all I can say ... There are few places I will actually write reviews like this one. Amanda AND her team actually slow down and explain what is what and really CARE about their Clients ( whom I’m sure all become their friends ). Attention to detail is amazing and IF ANYONE ask me who I recommend, it’s always Healing Hands Chiro !! Many in my office are now their clients b/c of my experience - AND of course my family. You will NOT be disappointed!!If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Book your appointment today and you will be a happy person AND feel 100% better !! I’m an advocate 🙂
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Dan Elam
22:19 27 Nov 19
Not only does my wife and I continually receive joyful and experienced care but we are now happy and proud members of Dr. Dee's extended family. You are in for a treat, the minute you open the door to her bright and cheery office. You are greeted with an honest and sincere smile, which continues from Beth to Dr. Dee, herself. Dr. Dee's thoughtful care extends from babies to adults.
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Michael Nowicki
17:55 27 Nov 19
Been going to Dr Dee for some time now. She fixes the pains I get between my shoulders, and the crink in my neck after a long night holding sick children. When I’m not feeling well her adjustments speed up my recovery. I see it in our kids too. I appreciate Beth (her right hand lady) who never has a bad day...always sweet, always patient, gets me in when I need an adjustment. Very thankful for the work they do
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Chris Hathaway
14:15 27 Nov 19
I started going to Dr. Dee at the beginning of my pregnancy for severe back & tailbone pain. I don’t know what I would have done without her during this pregnancy! She has brought me so much relief not to mention I enjoy going in and seeing her and Beth every week!
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Kayla Boggess
21:14 26 Nov 19
I have been seeing Dr. Dee for about 8 weeks, and I am feeling so much better! I had severe lower back pain that had plagued me for years, and since seeing Dr. Dee, have been improving daily. I can finally walk without pain! Highly, highly recommend!
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Shannon Watson
17:13 26 Nov 19
Very pleasant to be a patient at Healing Hands due to their unfailing warmwelcomes and friendly environment. Most importantly, my back feels better than it has in years!
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Todd Tice
17:13 26 Nov 19
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Jake Marvelli
17:05 23 Nov 19
Dr. Dee is great! I love that it feels like family right when you walk in. She does a great a job at explaining how things work, why continuing exercises at home are important, and really shows you the progress you're making. As a busy professional, they have hours that work well and they're accommodating if you need to move things around. I could never recommend this place enough!
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Madison Tobeck
14:13 23 Nov 19
Very helpful in taking time to talk about pain and addressing it and helping
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Ethan Walters
17:31 22 Nov 19
Wasn’t a believer at first.......still continuing treatment presently from Dr. Dee! Superb office staff and Dr Dee’s knowledge and insights are on point! Definitely recommended!
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22:38 21 Nov 19
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Shiloh Collect
21:31 21 Nov 19
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Tony Franklin
20:40 21 Nov 19
I've gone to different chiropractors over the years. She is the first to actually make a difference in my ability to do daily activities.
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Elizabeth Weaver
20:28 21 Nov 19
Would highly recommend Dr.Dee to anyone needing chiropractic care. Very friendly and has a great staff.
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terri price
17:15 20 Nov 19
I’ve never had chiropractic experience before and I have to say it has been very helpful and very pleasant. I have been feeling so much better! Love the staff!!
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Andrea Roach
22:50 11 Nov 19
The staff is excellent and Dr. Dee works to give each patient the help they need. She has helped me with several different issues.
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Mary Sumner
19:58 09 Oct 19
After years of treatment by orthopedic surgeons and neurologists , I took the plunge into chiropractic. Dr. Dee was recommended by a family friend. Before starting treatment, I could not walk a mile without intense pain & muscle spasms in my low back, hips and legs. After 17 visits, I headed out for a family vacation. I was able to walk an average of 2 miles a day every day that week and even climbed 154 steps to the top of Monk’s Mound at the Cahokia Mounds site! It felt great to have mobility back.
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Madonna Myers
12:46 14 Aug 19
Dr. Dee and Beth are amazing! In just a few short weeks of adjustments, I have gotten back to doing things without pain and with more mobility and strength! She’s given me my active life back! Highly recommend!
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Lisa Yinger
21:36 29 Jul 19
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Southern Crypto
14:12 26 Jul 19
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Aaron Barickman
17:06 12 Jul 19
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Richard Weaks
17:04 18 Feb 19
Love it!
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Emily Carter
20:28 13 Feb 19
Dr. Dee is great! I saw improvements after just two visits. Highly recommend!
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Tyler Boyles
16:07 19 Jan 19
My OBGYN recommended Dr. Dee because my baby was breech. I was 30 weeks at the time and though he had time to flip on his own, I am a firm believer in being proactive vs. reactive. I only went because he was breech and not for any other benefit--and boy, have I absolutely loved how my body has felt. I sleep better, my aches and pains are very minimal, and I really do believe that this is going to help me prepare to deliver my son. When I was able to see Dr. Dee after confirming that my son was no longer breech, she celebrated and hugged me numerous times. It feels like family and I am so grateful to her for everything she has done to make me feel amazing and to get my body ready for delivery!
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Ari Baird
16:47 17 Jan 19
I can not sing their praises enough! I went from chronic pain, daily migraines, not sleeping, etc. to good nights sleep, NO HEADACHES, and no neck pain!!! Dr. Dee and Beth are truly a Blessing!
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Dayna Dickey
15:09 18 Dec 18
Dr. Dee has helped me so much. I went to her because I had been having pain in my shoulder for a couple of months. It was completely gone after only a few visits. I mentioned my problem with insomnia, tried what she suggested & it worked! I truly believe God sent me to her.
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Jackie Dillard
19:51 11 Dec 18
I have gone to various Chiropractors for the last 25 years. I moved to Murfreesboro from Michigan about 2 years ago. I was having severe pain in my neck and shoulder. I went to another chiropractor in town, but got zero relief from my pain. I started calling around trying to find somebody else that could relieve my pain. Dr. Dee got me in right away, and was able to get much needed pain relief right away. I like the fact she cares about making her patients feeling better. The whole staff is very friendly and inviting when you visit. I highly recommend Dr. Dee to anybody that is suffering from back pain.
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Rod Landrum
16:03 10 Dec 18
The staff here is unbeatable. I’ve used other chiropractors who helped but the pain was usually back within a day or so. After a week with Dr. Dee I could already tell this place would be different. Whether it’s my neck, knee, back, wrist, you name it, the staff here will get you right.
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Josh Richey
20:38 01 Nov 18
My wife and I have found a good place of care. We each have specific issues which are complicated. My wife had chiari surgery and has searched for help. Dr. Dee was recommended and she is seeing great results. I have just started therapy and am expecting a great outcome also. Thank you, Dr. Dee and staff.
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Jennings Sumner
14:55 17 Oct 18
The community that Healing Hands Chiropractic is is truly incredible. I've never been to any medical type office where you are greeted by name with a warm smile. Dr. Dee is clearly a seasoned veteran in the art of chiropracty. Her knowledge of the spine and it's greater implications are self evident. Friendliness, care, and knowledge. This place checks all boxes.
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Steven L
20:53 17 Sep 18
This place is awesome. It is obvious that Dr. Dee is passionate about chiropractic, and she does a fabulous job as a result. She takes the time to learn about your life and truly cares for all her patients.
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Anna Wermert
17:47 07 Aug 18
I was having severe migraines and just felt like for my age(27) I should not be so tired and worn down. I was advised by my aunt to visit Dr. Dee and let me tell you, I have not regretted it! Dr. Dee and her team are so personable and they care so much about your general well being. After one consultation and adjustment, in the same day and the same day I reached out which was wonderful, I immediately started feeling better. I have since been going for 3 months and feel like a completely different person. My energy is back, my migraines no longer exist, and I have met some of the most amazing people! On top of that, the team has went over and beyond to make my children feel safe and we have avoided major illnesses with maintenance adjustments. This place is more than just a place to get adjustments, it's a family!
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Aubrey Carroll
17:26 10 Apr 18
Trying to cope with life in pain can cause many problems, not thinking clearly, depression, weight gain because you can't exercise, and so much more, I was there, I knew I had to do something I couldn't take the pain anymore, my sister was seeing a Chiropractor in Knoxville who recommended Dr Dee for me, my sister shared with him the problems and pain I was living with on a day to day basis and said she could help me, I have been going to her now, I believe this is my 4th week and already I can tell a difference, I have more energy, I can move and get around so much better, the pain is getting less and less and the depression is leaving because I feel I can actually live again, I have even seen a change in my posture, I know I still have a way to go and I'm looking forward to being whole again. Dr Dee makes you feel like family and very informative, I actually look forward to going because I feel so much better when I leave, I highly recommend her! What made me decide to have the adjustments was when she done her examination on me, I didn't have to say a word as to where I hurt, she felt it with her hands and told me and she was spot on.
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Debra Baker
03:17 18 Sep 17
Huge props to my friend Amanda Dee Richardson (AKA Dr. Dee) who took an after hour chiropractic call for a friend of mine who hurt his back and was in pretty bad shape. She helped him reduce some swelling in his back and get some much needed relief which he was extremely grateful for! Thank you Dr Dee
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Ryan Kennedy
01:37 26 Aug 17
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Laura Aello
01:10 28 Jun 17
They are very family friendly and welcoming. They know what they are doing. I love coming here. As long as I'm in Tennessee, I won't go anywhere else
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Madyson Newton
19:19 24 May 17
If you want the acme of chiropractic care, go see Dr. Dee. I have seen many chiropractors in the past 11 years, not a one helped. So I was skeptical, but on the referral from my soon to be daughter in law, I have been going 5 weeks now. It's amazing, I can now sleep. My life is not in a fog. I have energy. Lost weight and my blood pressure is back to normal. The difference is like night and day. She is the best mechanic I know. Dr. Dee has been blessed with the gift of healing. -Matt Walden
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Karen Walden
02:47 03 Apr 17
The whole staff is amazing!
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Bobby Moore
22:19 23 Feb 17
I was told by a back specialist that only way to fix my back was through surgery or I would have to be in constant physical therapy. I was also told my curvage in my spine wouldn't increase after I stopped growing. Coming to healing hands I learned that all of that was a lie. I also learned that my severe migraines I had stemmed from my back issues. So not only have they helped me with my back pain, but through the adjustments and treatments my migraines are almost non existent. I highly reccomend them!!
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Samantha Straza
17:43 31 Jan 17
Not sure what my husband would have done without Dr. Dee. She has continually sought out new techniques to help him. I can say without a doubt, my husband would not be where he is without her guidance.
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Audre Hoyt
17:21 25 Jan 17
Amazing. Gifted and caring staff. In and out in a timely fashion, never have to wait long for my adjustment. Started getting regular adjustments to ward off a 32 day migraine, havent had so much as a slight headace. I sleep better, my blood pressure is better. But best of all i haven't had any allergy symptoms this fall/winter. Truly a gift to gave such improved health thanks to Dr.Dee's healing hands.
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Grownup Gothgirl
00:32 30 Dec 16
I have been a total of five visits. I can move my leg which I have not been able to do in years! I am thrilled with Dr. Richardson so much. Thank you for helping me.
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Marcy Dante
22:31 21 Nov 16
I came into the clinic with chronic back pain. As an athlete I was looking for anything to make me feel the slightest bit better. After a few months, Dr.Dee was not only able to make me feel significantly better but I no longer had that nagging pain while lifting! She's a life saver!
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Victoria Hartline
14:15 29 Jul 16
I highly recommend Dr. Dee and Healing Hands Chiropractic! I have over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry and one of the most important aspects I have learned is that the health care professional providing care not only needs to be an expert in their field, they also need to make their patients feel comfortable and at ease. Dr. Dee has both of these qualities. She has an amazing bedside manner and develops deep relationships with all the patients she cares for on an ongoing basis. Her knowledge base and subject matter expertise is world class. If you want the complete chiropractic experience, I highly recommend calling Healing Hands Chiropractic today!!!
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Kevin Fehr
20:28 06 Apr 16
Dr. Dee is just an awesome chiropractor!..
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Bonnie Giffone
08:24 24 Mar 16
I heard about Dr. Dee though a friend and must say I'm glad I listened. I've been to a few chiropractors before and she is by far the most thorough of all. She treats the whole body, not just back issues. I've had pain in my toes that I had resigned myself to live with, but she even helped with that. I send all my friends to her now.
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d w
11:19 22 Mar 16
Dr. Dee is awesome! I thought walking around with tightness in my neck, feeling like I was in constant need for a neck massage was just normal. Now I know it's not and it is SO nice to not feel like that any more! Thanks Dr. Dee. We are lucky to have you in Murfreesboro!!
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Nan Norsby
01:18 25 Jan 16
I met Dr. Dee in July of 2015. As anyone should, I conducted some research and decided to make an appointment. She asked what my complaints were and proceeded with an explanation of the steps she would suggest we take. After X-rays, she explained where my problems were and how "we" would start the journey to correct them. I said "we" before because in order for this to work there are things the patient must do to help with the healing process, like stretching...daily. Since my first visit I have seen improvement in strength, flexibility and my pain level has been reduced dramatically.Dr. Dee is very personable and professional and I recommend her to others almost daily.
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Keith Sanders
15:51 24 Jan 16
So thankful and relieved my brother introduced Dr. Dee to us!! I've been to several chiropractors throughout my life and she is in the elite category for chiropractic care as well as CARE in general!! It feels great to have pain relief!...Thanks so much Dr. Dee... my new hero (;
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Michelle Robles
23:57 29 Dec 15
Dr. Amanda Dee Richardson chose the perfect name for her business. Healing hands is by far the best chiropractic service I've been to, and I have been to many being in the NFL. She goes in depth to find out what works best for you and to get you moving efficiently again. I would recommend her to anyone. She should be the personal chiropractor for the president of the United States if you ask me!
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Ray Drew
20:48 28 Dec 15
Dr. Dee is wonderful at adjusting the pain away! My husband and 1 year old daughter have been going to her and recommend her to EVERYONE we meet complaining of pain. My husband was in such pain before going to Dr. Dee and now he is feeling much better every time he gets adjusted. My infant has only slept through the night 3 times before going to Dr. Dee and she has constantly spit up since birth until Dr. Dee adjusted her and now she sleeps through the night and rarely spits up. If you are looking for pain relief go see Dr. Dee! We love her!
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Kristen S
09:46 17 Nov 15
I am so fortunate that my husband introduced me to Dr. Dee and her "healing hands". I have been seeing her for almost a month, and my chronic back pain has improved dramatically. I look forward to our visits and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to truly heal their bodies.
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Kristen Chase
02:21 04 Sep 15
Dr. Amanda is very professional & friendly. I appreciate how attentive she was in the care she provided to me. She listens when you share what's going on with your care & treatment plan. She helped me tremendously & I will always be thankful for her. I highly recommend her for your chiropractic health care needs.
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Brunella DeShazo
10:28 15 Aug 15
Dr Dee is awesome. She has been a tremendous help to me.
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Chris Deese
01:40 10 Jul 15
Dr Dee is an excellent chiropractor and the bomb with kids!! She is going to be missed so much. Do not hesitate to give her a try!!
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Claye Jones
19:26 06 Jul 15
Best chiropractor I've ever been too. The whole family loves her. Very knowledgable. Highly recommend!
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Jacob Kayla
17:19 29 Jun 15
Dr. Dee listens, analyzes, rethinks, does research, discusses her thoughts and plans with her patients. If both patient and Dr. Dee agree with her recommended treatment, it is only then she executes.I was very skeptical about Chiros until I met Dr. Dee. She not only straightened my spine but I recommended my ballerina and martial arts daughter to go see her. My daughter said after one visit she was able to sleep pain free -- FANTASTIC!!I was on the verge to give up racquetball and martial arts before Dr. Dee got a hold of me (pun 1). I was headed for a sedate lifestyle and for me that would be a no life. Ask Dr. Dee, she will tell you about couch potatoes. She practices what she expects you to do. She is an athlete and trains hard.My advice? Go see Dr. Dee and she will straighten up (pun 2) you life -- regardless of your age!
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Col Craig M. Lightfoot
12:16 29 Jun 15
Dr. Dee is not only a wonderful chiropractor, but she also possesses immense knowledge of total well-being to help people live life to their fullest extent. I cannot express in words how much she means to me and my family.
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Traci Bass
11:51 29 Jun 15
Dr. Amanda is great! She'll help you get your life back! She does a great job helping your feel better and helping you stay well!She is great with kids and has a huge heart.I highly recommend you and your family seek care from Dr. Amanda!
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Seth S
19:53 28 Jun 15
I am so thankful for the brief time I was able to be under Dr. Dee's care in Perry, GA. She was a big help and encouragement to me as I began developing a new, positive lifestyle and I feel so much better now. Thankful for her commitment. Would recommend any and everyone who needs Chiropractic care to give her a chance...I don't think you'll be disappointed. 🙂
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Steffanie Russ
00:58 28 Jun 15
Dr. Amanda Dee Richardson is one of the most dedicated chiropractors I have ever met. She leads by example, loves her life work and her patients! Thank you Dr. Amanda Dee!
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Mike Harkins
13:56 27 Jun 15
We love Dr Dee! My husband, myself and my granddaughter were given such great care with her and I recommend her to anyone looking for a competent, knowledgeable, caring chiropractor and just all out nice person. She is so good with kids & young people and I am thankful that our granddaughter was under her care. We will miss her here in Georgia and wish here the best in Tennessee! Love you!Dell & Bob CookKathleen, Ga
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Dell Cook
18:50 26 Jun 15
Dr. Amanda is wonderful! She has adjusted both my children since they were just a few weeks old. Also, as a diving coach, she has helped me tremendously. She is such a dedicated doctor focused on the overall health and well-being of all of her patients.
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Andrea Meyers
18:17 26 Jun 15
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