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Dr. Dee is great! I saw improvements after just two visits. Highly recommend!
Tyler Boyles
Tyler Boyles
16:07 19 Jan 19
My OBGYN recommended Dr. Dee because my baby was breech. I was 30 weeks at the time and though he had time to flip on his own, I am a firm believer in being proactive vs. reactive. I only went because he was breech and not for any other benefit--and boy, have I absolutely loved how my body has felt. I sleep better, my aches and pains are very minimal, and I really do believe that this is going to help me prepare to deliver my son. When I was able to see Dr. Dee after confirming that my son was no longer breech, she celebrated and hugged me numerous times. It feels like family and I am so grateful to her for everything she has done to make me feel amazing and to get my body ready for delivery!
Ari Baird
Ari Baird
16:47 17 Jan 19
I can not sing their praises enough! I went from chronic pain, daily migraines, not sleeping, etc. to good nights sleep, NO HEADACHES, and no neck pain!!! Dr. Dee and Beth are truly a Blessing!
Dayna Dickey
Dayna Dickey
15:09 18 Dec 18
Dr. Dee has helped me so much. I went to her because I had been having pain in my shoulder for a couple of months. It was completely gone after only a few visits. I mentioned my problem with insomnia, tried what she suggested & it worked! I truly believe God sent me to her.
Jackie Dillard
Jackie Dillard
19:51 11 Dec 18
I have gone to various Chiropractors for the last 25 years. I moved to Murfreesboro from Michigan about 2 years ago. I was having severe pain in my neck and shoulder. I went to another chiropractor in town, but got zero relief from my pain. I started calling around trying to find somebody else that could relieve my pain. Dr. Dee got me in right away, and was able to get much needed pain relief right away. I like the fact she cares about making her patients feeling better. The whole staff is very friendly and inviting when you visit. I highly recommend Dr. Dee to anybody that is suffering from back pain.
Rod Landrum
Rod Landrum
16:03 10 Dec 18
The staff here is unbeatable. I’ve used other chiropractors who helped but the pain was usually back within a day or so. After a week with Dr. Dee I could already tell this place would be different. Whether it’s my neck, knee, back, wrist, you name it, the staff here will get you right.
Josh Richey
Josh Richey
20:38 01 Nov 18
My wife and I have found a good place of care. We each have specific issues which are complicated. My wife had chiari surgery and has searched for help. Dr. Dee was recommended and she is seeing great results. I have just started therapy and am expecting a great outcome also. Thank you, Dr. Dee and staff.
Jennings Sumner
Jennings Sumner
14:55 17 Oct 18
The community that Healing Hands Chiropractic is is truly incredible. I've never been to any medical type office where you are greeted by name with a warm smile. Dr. Dee is clearly a seasoned veteran in the art of chiropracty. Her knowledge of the spine and it's greater implications are self evident. Friendliness, care, and knowledge. This place checks all boxes.
Steven L
Steven L
20:53 17 Sep 18
Was having migraines daily, down to every other week, my goal is none! I have had migraines for 37 years, no pill works better than Dr.Dee. I’m a true believer!
Samantha Patterson
Samantha Patterson
16:02 10 Aug 18
This place is awesome. It is obvious that Dr. Dee is passionate about chiropractic, and she does a fabulous job as a result. She takes the time to learn about your life and truly cares for all her patients.
Anna Wermert
Anna Wermert
17:47 07 Aug 18
I was having severe migraines and just felt like for my age(27) I should not be so tired and worn down. I was advised by my aunt to visit Dr. Dee and let me tell you, I have not regretted it! Dr. Dee and her team are so personable and they care so much about your general well being. After one consultation and adjustment, in the same day and the same day I reached out which was wonderful, I immediately started feeling better. I have since been going for 3 months and feel like a completely different person. My energy is back, my migraines no longer exist, and I have met some of the most amazing people! On top of that, the team has went over and beyond to make my children feel safe and we have avoided major illnesses with maintenance adjustments. This place is more than just a place to get adjustments, it's a family!
Aubrey Carroll
Aubrey Carroll
17:26 10 Apr 18
Trying to cope with life in pain can cause many problems, not thinking clearly, depression, weight gain because you can't exercise, and so much more, I was there, I knew I had to do something I couldn't take the pain anymore, my sister was seeing a Chiropractor in Knoxville who recommended Dr Dee for me, my sister shared with him the problems and pain I was living with on a day to day basis and said she could help me, I have been going to her now, I believe this is my 4th week and already I can tell a difference, I have more energy, I can move and get around so much better, the pain is getting less and less and the depression is leaving because I feel I can actually live again, I have even seen a change in my posture, I know I still have a way to go and I'm looking forward to being whole again. Dr Dee makes you feel like family and very informative, I actually look forward to going because I feel so much better when I leave, I highly recommend her! What made me decide to have the adjustments was when she done her examination on me, I didn't have to say a word as to where I hurt, she felt it with her hands and told me and she was spot on.
Debra Baker
Debra Baker
03:17 18 Sep 17
Huge props to my friend Amanda Dee Richardson (AKA Dr. Dee) who took an after hour chiropractic call for a friend of mine who hurt his back and was in pretty bad shape. She helped him reduce some swelling in his back and get some much needed relief which he was extremely grateful for! Thank you Dr Dee
Ryan Kennedy
Ryan Kennedy
01:37 26 Aug 17
They are very family friendly and welcoming. They know what they are doing. I love coming here. As long as I'm in Tennessee, I won't go anywhere else
Madyson Newton
Madyson Newton
19:19 24 May 17
If you want the acme of chiropractic care, go see Dr. Dee. I have seen many chiropractors in the past 11 years, not a one helped. So I was skeptical, but on the referral from my soon to be daughter in law, I have been going 5 weeks now. It's amazing, I can now sleep. My life is not in a fog. I have energy. Lost weight and my blood pressure is back to normal. The difference is like night and day. She is the best mechanic I know. Dr. Dee has been blessed with the gift of healing. -Matt Walden
Karen Walden
Karen Walden
02:47 03 Apr 17

Conditions We Treat

Murfreesboro Chiropractic Care

Welcome to Healing Hands Chiropractic! We are so glad you’ve stopped by our site. At Healing Hands, our goal is to help each patient feel cared for, known, and appreciated. We take pride in our incredible chiropractic services, patient care, knowledge of chiropractic, and customer service.

Healing Hands Chiropractic specializes in chiropractic care for all ages and walks of life. We proudly treat patients from birth and beyond! Our top priority is to provide patients with specialized corrective chiropractic care that leads to happier and healthier lives.

With more than 10 years of professional practice experience, Dr. Dee knows how to treat pediatrics, pregnancy, sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, and everything in between. Dr. Dee stays knowledgeable of the latest breakthroughs and trends in chiropractic in order to make sure patients receive top of the line care with each visit.

Each appointment and adjustment is an opportunity to make progress towards a healthier life! Let Healing Hands Chiropractic help you on your wellness journey today.

Chiropractic Works

Chiropractic is a safe, natural, and effective way to treat a variety of ailments and improve overall wellness without the use of medication.

80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Chiropractic care treats these issues at their source.

Benefits of chiropractic care include improved nerve communication throughout the body, improved focus, increased athletic performance & more!

Dr. Dee will perform adjustments, also known as spinal adjustments, in order to treat subluxations in the spine. This spinal misalignments prevent your nervous system from functioning as it should. They cause pain, discomfort, poor sleep, anxiety, and everything in between.

  • By removing these subluxations with adjustments, patients leave Healing Hands Chiropractic feeling better and are on the road to a healthier life.
  • A chiropractic adjustment typically includes a high velocity arm thrust applied to specific vertebrae. This is usually accompanied by an audible release of gas that is caused by the release of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide — this releases joint pressure!
  • Regular adjustments can boost energy, reduce stress, improve focus, elevate mood, increase stamina, and provide pain relief.

Schedule your appointment with our office today!

Benefits of Routine Chiropractic Care Include:

Improved Nerve Communication Throughout the Body

Neck Pain Relief

Increased Focus

Improved Athletic Performance

Relief from Chronic Injuries

Back Pain Relief

Improved Motion

Improved Physical Function

Better Posture

Chiropractic and Wellness

The spine is key to our overall health and wellness. The nervous system, located inside the spine, is in charge of cell production and communication throughout the body. When the spine is misaligned, health problems can occur because the nervous system cannot function as it should!

When misalignments or subluxations occur, you may experience a myriad of health problems, disease, and illness. This may include frequent headaches or migraines, injuries, pain, allergies, anxiety, depression, sleep struggles, and more.

Did you know that those who receive regular chiropractic care experience 60 percent less hospital admissions, 59 percent less days in the hospital, 62 percent less outpatient surgeries, and 85 percent less in pharmaceutical costs? (Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapy)

Healing Hands Chiropractic proudly offers family chiropractic care, pediatric chiropractic care, pregnancy chiropractic care, sports injury chiropractic care and more. We treat a variety of conditions including headaches, whiplash, neck pain, back pain, seasonal allergies, TMJD, sciatica, colic, and beyond.

Dr. Dee at Healing Hands Chiropractic in Murfreesboro applies her extensive knowledge of the human body and chiropractic to patient care. Through specific spinal adjustments, she helps patients live their best life possible!

Award Winning Chiropractor

Dr. Dee and her excellent level of care made her and Healing Hands Chiropractic the Patient’s Choice Winner for Chiropractic Care in Murfreesboro in 2015 and a Ruthie’s Finalist in 2016.

Healing Hands Chiropractic’s goal for every patient is to ensure that your health and wellbeing is properly taken care of through chiropractic adjustments and wellness services.

Whether you’ve got a crick in your neck, chronic lower back pain, nagging headaches, low energy levels, or just want to see what chiropractic is all about, Healing Hands Chiropractic is here for you.

Dr. Dee is also available for community outreach and corporate wellness programs! She is passionate about enabling not only her patients, but all of Middle Tennessee to live their best life.

If you are interested in improving your overall health and wellness, Healing Hands Chiropractic can help. Patients are treated like family, with the whole body in mind. It would be our privilege to meet your chiropractic needs.

Call us to schedule your appointment today! 615-203-3505


Healing Hands Chiropractic proudly serves Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Nolensville, Bell Buckle, and all other areas of Middle Tennessee! Come see the best chiropractor in Murfreesboro at Healing Hands Chiropractic!