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6 Things To Do In Murfreesboro, TN

Murfreesboro, TN is a great place that is located in middle Tennessee. It is a quaint and popular area that is located just on the outskirts of Nashville. Making it a great place to live and work, living in the suburbs is always a great mix of living styles. 

Dr. Amanda Dee Baes has a chiropractic practice called Healing Hands Chiropractic located in Murfreesboro. She loves the community and all that it has to offer the people who live in it. From up and coming businesses and the variety of experiences to be had. murfeesboro

Table of Contents

A Little Bit About Murfreesboro, TN

There are many historical facts to learn about this area that dates all the way back to the Civil War era. It is known to be a wonderful place to live, visit, and work in. Back a couple of years ago, there was a population of just under 142,000 people living in the community. 

Murfreesboro is just a short 30 minute or so drive from Nashville, TN. This area has grown very rapidly and gained lots of popularity. Let’s explore some of the many great attractions and experiences to be had in this great area of middle Tennessee. 

Oaklands Plantation

If you are someone who enjoys history and inquisitive tours through the grounds and homes with tons of things to learn, you are going to love Oaklands Plantation. There is so much to learn and experience when you visit this plantation. You will get to know all the historical and highly ranked people who stayed in this location over time. 

It is a beautiful place to take in the scenery and the beautiful house museum on the grounds. Everyone who visits the plantation is very pleased with the experience that they have. It is found to be a very informative and fascinating experience for all. 

Barfield Crescent Park

Are you a nature enthusiast? If waterfalls, rocks, and hiking is your jam, you are going to love this park. There is tons of great beauty and gorgeous scenery to take in. If you have kids, there is even a park that they can play on a playground and enjoy sports activities. 

Murfreesboro loves this great area that they have to call their own. You can enjoy a day of fresh air and time with the family. Bringing a picnic to have lunch or a ball to play with the kids. Everyone from young and old is sure to have a great time being together at this great park. 

Earth Experience

Do you have a dinosaur enthusiast at your house? This is the perfect place to take them and spend the day. There is so much information to learn and great displays to look at. 

You can find fossils to look at, replicas that are life-size, and artifacts to learn about. All kids, from young to older, are sure to find something to catch their interest. Even the adults will have a great time. 

Go USA Fun Park

If you live in Murfreesboro or if you are just visiting, there are plenty of things to do to have fun. When you are looking for a fun way to spend the day with your teenager or younger children, you can visit Go USA Fun Park. There is a wide range of fun things to enjoy.

Everything from go-karts to mini-golf, to batting cages, and arcade games. To be honest, even the adults can have a grand time playing with their kids when visiting here. You can throw birthday parties, youth gatherings, or just meet up to have a fun time with friends. 

Mayday Brewery

If you are looking for a great place to go for a night out or a fun weekend spot to have fun, look no further than Mayday Brewery. You can go and learn all kinds of things when you take the tour of the brewery. It is a great way to take some time to unwind and have a good time.

Visiting a brewery is usually a great experience, everything from entertainment, learning, and friends. What more could you ask for? Hang with the guys or have a night out with the girls, and enjoy the live music. 

60 Minute Escape Game Murfreesboro

Escape rooms are gaining a lot of popularity in many different places. They are a great way to have team-building experiences with friends, coworkers, family, or whoever you want to with. They are thrilling, intense, and a load of fun. It may seem really weird to think you are paying someone to lock you in a room, but it is a great deal of fun. 

You have to take the time to find the clues and solve the mysteries in the room. All to end with finding the keys that let you out of the locked room. If you do it within the allotted time, you officially won the game by escaping. Everyone is sure to have a great time and spend an hour working together as a team. 

What Are You Looking For?

When you are visiting an area for the first time or you just moved to an area, it is nice to look around and find fun to enjoy. The places listed above are just a shortlist of the many things that there is to enjoy in Murfreesboro, TN. If you are looking for outdoor hiking, biking, or walking trails we have plenty to experience. 

The number of indoor activities that we have as well is endless. Like breweries, arcades, museums, parks, and so much more. The great community of Murfreesboro does not have a shortage of places to visit and have a great time. You are sure to find an array of activities to keep you busy. 

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