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What Is The Best Workout With No Equipment?

Many of us don’t have the time or the energy to go back-and-forth to the gym several times a week. Many of us also don’t have the luxury of having a million-dollar home gym at our disposal. Luckily, there are so many different types of bodyweight workouts that we don’t have an excuse to not be working out. Even with no gym membership or home equipment, you can still work out daily. Dr. Dee and the rest of our team here at Healing Hands Chiropractic recommend these home workouts to help keep you in tip-top shape!

What Is The Best Workout With No Equipment?

Table of Contents

Running or Walking Outside

This may be the most obvious, yet effective workout with no equipment. Even with equipment or a gym membership, it’s highly recommended that you get in some form of cardio daily. Cardio exercises help increase blood flow which helps your body in numerous different ways. 

Try to create a routine that you feel comfortable with. This will make it easier to stick to your daily walks or runs. Maybe you like taking your dog for a walk after dinner. Maybe you like going on a morning jog before getting ready for work. Finding something that you’re comfortable with will make forming a habit much easier. 


Push-ups are a classic, go-to exercise for almost any workout, regardless of equipment availability. This is because push-ups target your chest, triceps, and anterior deltoid muscles. It’s almost unbelievable how effective such a simple and easy exercise can be. 

It is recommended that you do three to five sets total while taking a one-minute rest in between each set. The number of reps you do in each set should be something you’re comfortable with. However, many experts recommended that you do as many push-ups as you can while still maintaining good form in each set. 

Air Swimming

Air swimming targets your posterior chain (the backside of your body). It also helps improve posture, prevents back pain, and makes sure that you have balanced strength. This exercise helps play a major key in overall health and movement. 

  • Lie on your stomach with your arms extended overhead by your ears
  • Lift your chest, arms, and legs off the floor while squeezing your glutes
  • Flutter your arms and legs up and down while keeping them on the floor. 

It is recommended that each set lasts a total of 16 seconds. Do three to four sets resting for up to a minute in between each set. 


Squats are an integral part of almost every workout routine. They are a true multi-tasker, helping you improve your balance, burn more fat than other exercises, activate your core and back muscles, and promote circulation. Squats are one of the oldest and most useful exercises. The fact that they are still so common today tells you everything you need to know! 

It is recommended that you do 10-12 reps per set and 4-5 sets. Be sure to take a minute break in between sets, longer if needed. Also, try to avoid doing squats on back to back days as you may be sore. You need to give your muscles some time to grow and recover!


Much like squats, lunges are a tried and true exercise that promotes blood circulation and fat burning. Lunges are more complex than squats because they require you to make forward, reverse, and lateral moves. This exercise targets your legs as well as your glutes, calves, hamstrings, core, and lower back. 

Another way that lunges differ from traditional squats is that they train each leg individually. This is known as a unilateral exercise, which helps with balance and coordination. Much like squats, try to avoid doing lunges daily as your muscles will need time to recover from the exercise. 


Planks workout your entire body, have a lot of variations and can be done almost anywhere. Exercises such as the plank jacks with palm-to-elbow movement really get your heart rate pumping, which promotes fat burning. Planks work out your abdomen, obliques, glutes, back, and arms. 

While the workout may look easy, it can be very difficult yet rewarding. Planks have been shown to help greatly reduce back pain over time. Once your abs learn to activate and support your body, you will be taking a huge strain off of your back. This improved posture will have a domino effect on your neck and shoulders. 


Stretching should be a part of your daily routine regardless of how much you work out. First and foremost, stretching before a workout will help ensure your safety, greatly reducing the chance of an injury while working out. Secondly, stretching after a workout can help prevent soreness. 

This doesn’t mean that you should only be stretching before and after a workout. You should try to mix stretching into your daily routine regardless of how active you plan on being that day. Stretching helps promote blood flow throughout the body while also helping you improve your flexibility. Improving your flexibility can help increase your quality of life in ways you didn’t even know possible. 

Other Ways to Improve Your Health

Making your health a number one priority extends beyond working out and dieting. Services such as chiropractic care can help you get the most out of your body on a regular basis. Chiropractic care can help ease lower back pain and can even provide permanent solutions to chronic back pain. 

If your quality of life is hindered by back pain, it’s time to take the steps necessary to fix it. Addressing your back pain can help make you more active, in turn helping you lose weight quicker. 

We Can Help

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