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What Exercise is Good During Pregnancy?

Keeping an active and healthy lifestyle while pregnant is a wonderful thing. At Healing Hands Chiropractic in Murfreesboro, TN we can give you tips and advice on options for staying healthy and active during pregnancy. Dr. Dee and her staff would love to help you by providing you with all the information you need. 

It is important to understand a safe and effective way to exercise during pregnancy. If you are someone who regularly exercised before pregnancy, you can continue safely with a regular schedule of exercising. Using modifications were needed as your body changes and grows. Listening to your body and what it is capable of is the key component to doing it safely.

pregnancy and exercise

Table of Contents

Can You Start Working Out When You’re Pregnant?

A regular schedule of working out is best for everyone and anyone. If you already had a routine before pregnancy, continue to do so. Getting about 30 minutes of exercise a day is great for you and your baby. 

Even if you recently found out you’re pregnant and don’t have a workout routine you follow, it isn’t too late to start. There are studies showing that exercise during pregnancy doesn’t cause any harm to the baby, as some may have been concerned about in the past.

How Do I Start A Workout Routine When Pregnant?

Exercising doesn’t have to be expensive or full of fancy equipment to be effective. If you have a gym membership and can utilize that, then do it. That is a great option to have. But, if you don’t, you can start a healthy lifestyle and routine right at home. 

Start with just committing to a 30-minute walk every day. Ask a friend or family member to do it with you so you’re not lonely and also to hold you accountable. You can also download a variety of exercise videos and programs straight to your computer or streaming devices. Find one that fits you well and commit to it. Do them at your pace and modify where needed. 

Are There Activities That Aren’t Safe While Pregnant?

When you find out you are pregnant, a lot worry about the things they are able to still do. No one wants to engage in any activity that will pose a harm to the baby. Doctors don’t put many restrictions on activity during pregnancy besides the ones where you could fall or get hurt. Such as contact sports that you could get injured or hit in the stomach, such as:

  • Hockey, Boxing, or Basketball
  • Gymnastics or Horseback Riding 
  • SkyDiving
  • Hot Yoga

You usually don’t have to stop doing the activities that you are already doing regularly. Just make smart decisions in the ones you do, think about the possibilities that you could get hurt, if there are several possibilities, then maybe you should refrain from that one. Here is a list of ones that are still safe to participate in:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Stationary Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Low-Impact Aerobics
  • Strength Training

When Should Pregnant Women Stop Exercising?

Talk with your doctor or midwife when you are pregnant and how safely exercising is okay for you. Depending on different conditions and problems that you may be experiencing, you may need to limit some things at times. If you are working out and you have pain or discomfort that isn’t typical, then you should stop right away and talk to your doctor. 

You want to workout and raise your heart rate and breathe deeply. Just keep in mind to not overdo it. You don’t want to get overheated or too winded. Be aware of your body and how you feel, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. There are some things you should always be aware of and stop working out if any of the symptoms come up, such as:

  • If Your Dizzy
  • Having Chest Pain
  • Any Trouble Catching Your Breath
  • If You Can’t Feel the Baby Move
  • You’re having Braxton Hicks contractions
  • If You Have Any Bleeding
  • Deep Pain in Your Stomach or Pelvis

Listen To Your Body 

When you are doing physical activity of any kind, it is very important to listen to your body and how it responds to what you are doing. If you are uncomfortable or experiencing pain, you should stop. Continuing to be active during your pregnancy is a great thing for you and baby. Depending on which trimester you are in, may depend on the level of activity you are able to do. Making minor adjustments as you progress may be all you need to do. 

The First Trimester

During this time your body is going through many changes and feelings. You are experiencing many different emotions during this time as well. A lot of women are nauseous in the first trimester and need to make sure they are keeping up their hydration. So, being careful that you don’t dehydrate during physical activity is a very important thing. 

The Second Trimester

This is the time that a lot of women start to feel better and more themselves. You have more energy and not as sick. You are safe to do activities that your body is comfortable doing, and you are capable of. Just always remember to modify where needed and be careful. It is important to always talk to your doctor about the activities that you are doing. 

The Third Trimester

Your baby bump seems to grow by the day at this point. You may experience being a little less stable and gravity is getting the best of you. Some positions needed for exercise may need to be adjusted. Your growing belly may be in the way for many different activities. Only do what your body is telling you is okay and stop immediately if there is any pain. 

Let Us Help You

Let the staff at Healing Hands Chiropractic in Murfreesboro, TN help you with all the information you need for safely working out while pregnant. Dr. Dee would love to help you stay active and healthy during your pregnancy.  Call us today for an appointment.

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