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Family Friendly Summer Fun in Murfreesboro, TN

There are several things that make Murfreesboro, TN such a fun city. For one, this beautiful city has history written over it. Everywhere you go, there’s something that reminds you about the American Civil War or the rich American culture. Two, the city has some of the finest outdoor sports and indoor arenas that you can visit for a great family fun moment. Whether it’s the parks, the walking trails or the art centers, there’s always something interesting that you can do with your family.

Additionally, the people in Murfreesboro are generally warm and friendly. Since the city is historically a tourist destination, the community is very welcoming. From the hotels to the outdoor trails, there’s always someone who’s willing to be kind to you. So, if you are looking for your ultimate family fun in the summer, then Murfreesboro is the city to visit. And if you are wondering what to do, here are some of the best fun activities to consider for the summer:

  1. Pay Oaklands Mansion a Visit

Touring the historic Oaklands Mansion during the summer is always an exciting adventure for the family. This elegant mansion has been standing since the 1800s and happens to house some of the most important artifacts from the Civil War and the Victorian Era. Your kids can learn about American history. They have programs to help them understand how old chores like washing and cooking were done.

  1. Watch an Art Performance at the Center for the Arts

Each year, roughly 20,000 art enthusiasts visit the Center for the Arts. This is because the center provides them with doses of the finest talents that America has to offer. Whether it’s singing, dance performances or a play that you want to watch, you have the opportunity to experience it at the Center for the Arts. It’s genuinely an amazing theatre.

  1. Hike at Barfield-Crescent Park

Hiking is always a fun activity for the family since it allows you to explore new things and reach new height together. This is exactly what you get at Barfield-Crescent Park. The historic park features a 7.1-mile hiking trail that you can follow. Additionally, there are picnic shelters for the family as well as a kid’s playground and campsites that you can also use.

  1. Take the Kids to Go USA Fun Park

Go USA Fun Park describes the epitome of family fun. Here, kids can do all kinds of crazy stuff that see on TV. From cart rides and arcade games to mini golfing and batting cages, they can do it all at GO USA. Actually, the spot is not just fun for kids alone but for adults too. So, you can always join them as they play.

  1. Have a Family Picnic at Miracle Field

If any member of your family has special needs, then the right outdoor park to visit during the summer is Miracle Field. It’s custom-designed to suit the needs. The ground, for instance, is rubberized and thus user-friendly. Miracle File is known for family picnics. Just ask them to provide you with a picnic set. In addition, there are fun activities onsite like the zip line and indoor games that you can enjoy.

  1. Pick Farm Produce at Batey Farms

Do your kids love strawberries or blueberries? They have the opportunity to pick them fresh and fill their baskets at Batey Farms. Besides different kind of berries, they can also pick sweet corn among other fresh seasonal farm produces. The farm is family-run and has been a picking point from 1807. You are required to pick your farm produce and pay on your way out. There’s also a farm shop on site that sells sausages, bacon, and other animal products.

  1. Learn New Things at the Discovery Center

If you are looking for a museum that’s specifically meant for kids, then you should look no further than Discovery Center. Since 1986, the Discovery Center has been a fun spot for kids since it allows them to learn new things. For example, they can learn how to create models using clay and paint. They can also learn about the 5 common senses.

  1. Go for an Ice-cream Adventure at Hattie Jane’s Creamery

Your kids will love it here. Hattie Jane’s Creamery has some of the fines local ice-cream flavors that Murfreesboro has to offer. Popular options include chocolate coconut, Oreo, and glazed donuts. It all depends on what you prefer. What makes this creamery different from others is that the toppings are made from scratch at the joint.

  1. Follow Murfreesboro Greenway

Murfreesboro Greenway allows you to explore the beauty of Murfreesboro in just one trip. It allows you to access historic sites, family parks, and hiking trails along the channel. If you want to do a fast tour, then you can bring your bikes along. The path is really smooth for a cycling experience.

  1. Camp at the Long Hunter State Park

Since its creation in 1974, Long Hunter State Park has charmed many families with its beautiful recreational sections. It has a section for family fishing and a section for nature observation where your kids can view lovely birds. It also has a section for family hiking and a section for camping. So, camping there allows you to enjoy the recreations in the other sections.

  1. Have All-around Family Fun at Patterson Park

Patterson Park is a sports and arts center that’s very exciting for families. If you are really athletic, you can get into a basketball or tennis court to have some great gaming moment. In case you just want to relax, there’s an indoor pool that you can use. If all you want is to see beautiful crafts and art pieces, then there’s an art center within the park that you can visit.

  1. Take them to Climb Murfreesboro

Kids generally like conquering heights and Climb Murfreesboro provides them with such a challenge. The 16,000 square-foot tall colorful climb is the tallest in the region. It’s a great idea for a family challenge since it allows you to compete with each other. The hard-to-beat obstacle is safe and so you don’t have to worry about hitting the ground.

Closing Thought:

Call it diversity or just richness, Murfreesboro has all you need to have a fun time with your family this summer. The family activities are exciting and at the same time memorable. They just make your summer break special. You simply can’t wait for next summer to do the fun all over again. Truly, Murfreesboro is Tennessee’s pride.