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Chiropractic Treatment of Pinched Nerves

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Chiropractic Treatment of Pinched Nerves
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Chiropractic Treatment of Pinched Nerves
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Chiropractic Treatment of Pinched Nerves
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Chiropractic Treatment of Pinched Nerves

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Uncategorized

Chiropractic treatment has been around for a while, it has been used over the years to relieve pain associated with nerves and muscles. So it shouldn’t take you by surprise when you see chiropractor speaking about managing or treating pinched nerves.

Medical cases associated with pinched nerves are on the rise. A whole lot of people suffers in silence from pinched nerves with the thought that the only solution to their problem is surgery. If by any chance you are part of them, you need to get things right and seek the assistance of a chiropractor.

Chiropractic care treats pinched nerves far more than you can imagine. The fact that pinched nerves have a wide range of symptoms makes it a bit difficult to handle but there are some common symptoms that help chiropractic care achieve its aims. In most cases, it’s either the nerves are irritated, pinched or inflamed as a result of pressure. The parts of the body with the highest occurrences of pinched nerves are the neck and shoulder region.


Pinched nerve is a disease associated with consistent pains and restlessness. However, there are some general symptoms that a patient suffering from pinched nerves might be going through. These includes :

  • Persistent headaches and Migraines
  • Pain in the neck and shoulder region
  • Pain around the mid and lower back
  • Spinal pain
  • Around the legs and arms, continuous pain and burning sensation.

Like I mentioned earlier, a pinched nerve has a wide range of symptoms depending on the individual. This means that there are still more from where this came from. For example, a patient suffering from pinched nerves will find it very difficult to sit for a long period of time, do some certain physical activities like walking a long distance or even sleep he or she likes.

There have also been reports that Patients experiencing pinched find it very difficult to bend either backwards or forward and also standing up after sitting down for a long period of time. It has also been discovered that pinched nerve could be associated with muscle spasms. If not properly managed or controlled, a pinched nerve can lead to far more greater health-related issues that are more difficult to treat. This is because the affected nerves control one muscle or another in the body system.


Some couple of years back, the cause of the pinched nerve was unknown to the medical world and remained a puzzle for quite a long period. But due to the advancement in the medical field, this puzzle has been solved and four major caused derived.

  • Disc Degeneration – Have you by any chance heard of what is spinal disc? Perhaps, you have heard the word somewhere but you have no idea of its function in the body. This disc is like a cushion which can also be referred to as a shock absorber in the skeletal system. What happens here is that when this spinal disc begins to reduce in height and thickness, degeneration sets in. If this process continues this way, the hole in which nerves connects to the bone degenerate as well. This degeneration of this hole which is medically called invertebral foramina is one of the major cause of pinched nerves because of the nerve exit the hole which in turn mount pressure on the nerve.
  • Spine Misalignment – This has to do with the misalignment of a particular bone in the spine. This misalignment put a whole lot of pressure on pinches, which in turn, cause irritation on the spinal nerves close to the alignment region. Medically, those nerves control and coordinate different parts of our body system. Having issues with nerves like these will no doubt cause pain and muscle spasms, which is also another major cause of pinched nerves.
  • Osteoarthritis – Here is another degenerative joint disease. However, things are quite different in this case. Here, the degeneration occurs at the intervertebral column of human. Just like the cause mentioned earlier, the holes wear out, giving room to the nerves to come outside. This, in turn, put pressure on the nerve.
  • Disc herniation – In this case, the disc of bones protrude out and come very close to the nerves. During movement, this causes serious irritation to the nerves, which in turn, causes pinched nerves.

Anyone or two of the causes listed above is the cause of bringing about pinched nerves. Although there are other things that can cause pinched nerves because the primary cause of pinched nerve is irritation and inflammation. These two can also be as a result of chemicals and biosynthesis in the body.


The first thing that a chiropractor does is to find the major cause. A chiropractor does this by examining the symptoms closely. After that, a complete an analysis of the patients health history is done. This is done to find out if the patient has ever had an issue with his or her body.

To find out the main cause of the pinched nerve, A chiropractor does some certain things. These include, testing the patients’ reflexes and sensory, and also testing the neurological balance which includes general appearance and body posture. Posture plays a significant role in the pinched nerve. It serves a passage to all other causes of a pinched nerve. Take, for example, spinal misalignment is as a result of posture imbalances.

After finding the primary cause of the problem, a chiropractor takes the x-rays of the spine to know what exactly went wrong. This x-ray shows the stage of the misalignment, the degeneration of the disc and also check which never is experiencing the pressure.

Based on whatever findings a chiropractor makes, he or she designs a chiropractic care which will provide a solution to the primary cause of the problem. This chiropractic care also reduces the pain and gives strength to all the nerves that were affected.


Chiropractic care does not only find a way to alleviate the pain, it provides a solution to the fundamental problem and makes the pinched nerves disappear. Often times, some patient hit on painkillers to treat pinched nerves without knowing that they are just worsening their problems. With the help of a chiropractic care, it will reduce the pain and at the same time take it all away.