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When to Start Using Pregnancy Pillow

Your average pregnant female will benefit from using a pregnancy pillow starting at about 20 weeks, though the exact time frame will vary. It can be used in bed or other places where additional comfort is needed.
As a pregnant woman, you may be wondering when it’s appropriate to start using a pregnancy pillow. Many women feel this type of product is necessary at about 20 weeks, but you can definitely start using one earlier or later based on how you feel. These pillows are designed to provide you with comfort and support that you can’t achieve with a regular pillow. As you progress through your pregnancy, your body will require more of this support to help you deal with the discomfort you may be experiencing.

Table of Contents

What Exactly is a Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy pillows are specially shaped pillows that are designed to support the body of a pregnant female while they sleep or try to relax. They are made in different sizes and shapes. You can arrange them to go between the legs, behind the back, etc. They will help you to maintain better spine alignment.

How Do Pregnancy Pillows Work?

Pregnancy pillows are designed specifically accommodate the body of a pregnant woman as her baby develops. It will provide support for different positions while laying down. Unlike a standard pillow used for your head or body, a pregnancy pillow will provide support to key parts of the body like the spine and the abdomen. You can use one when lying on your back or side.

What is the Importance of Sleep During Pregnancy?

Having a baby grow inside of your body is an exhausting process. You’ll find that you’re very tired early on in the pregnancy, but you will become very tired later on because of your size. While many women experience issues with sleep during pregnancy, you need your rest so your baby will be healthy as will you. You can try out different sleep products like pregnancy pillows and sound machines that create white background noise to help drown out any other distractions around you. If you’re having a lot of trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor to find out how you can get a better night sleep, so you feel more energized during the day.

When is the Best Time to Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

Most women start to use a pregnancy pillow around 20 weeks in their pregnancy, but you can start using one as early as you would like. There are no negative effects of using a pregnancy pillow too early.

What are the Benefits of Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

A pregnancy pillow provides your body with the support that it needs during the process of growing a baby inside of your womb. After a long day, your body will often ache due to the pressure that the baby is putting on areas like the spine, legs and back. By the end of your pregnancy, you could be carrying around forty to fifty extra pounds of weight!

The Benefits

Finding ways to be more comfortable during your pregnancy is ideal. It’s very common for a pregnant woman to experience back pain the further along in the pregnancy she gets. Your typical sleep arrangement just isn’t as accommodating as it should be. A pregnancy pillow will provide you with comfort and support to areas that need that extra bit of TLC. You’ll be able to get a more restful night sleep.

When Should You Begin Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

If you’re starting to experience discomfort when lying down, back pain or leg pain, it might be time to start shopping for a pregnancy pillow. Some women like the comfort of these pillows even in their first trimester. You’ll find that your body feels very differently when you’re pregnant, so listen to what your body is telling you. If you need more support or additional comfort, then you may benefit from a pregnancy pillow.

Different Varieties of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes. You can purchase something very simple that is rectangular shaped and slides under just your abdomen. There are much larger pregnancy pillows that are shaped like a letter ‘C’ or ‘U’. They can be adjusted to provide you with support where you need it. Many of these pillows actually detach in different areas, so you can arrange them however you would like.

How to Pick the Right Pregnancy Pillow

You should do a little bit of research before purchasing a pregnancy pillow. Knowing the different products that are out there will give you some insight into what would benefit your specific body. If you have a friend or family member that used a pregnancy pillow, ask them what they found to be most comfortable. You may even be able to borrow a pregnancy pillow from someone to see what you personally like.

Different Features to Look for in a Pregnancy Pillow

Think about your specific body and what you’re finding to be a challenge during your pregnancy. If you’re experiencing a lot of back pain, look for a pregnancy pillow that is marketed towards back support. Abdominal support and leg support are also available. What works for one woman may not work for another, so think about what you would find most comfortable.

Tips for Improving Sleep during Pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses, you will find that is becomes harder and harder to sleep. As the baby increases in size, you will have difficulty getting comfortable when lying down. You can improve your sleep during pregnancy by:

  • Finding ways to increase your comfort level. This can be with the use of a pregnancy pillow, different blankets, comfortable pajamas, etc.
  • A lot of pregnant women experience fluctuations in their body temperature. You can keep a fan near your bed and turn it on as needed when you need to cool off a bit.
  • Leave enough time before bed to unwind and relax. Set aside some time to take a warm bath, get into your most comfortable maternity pajamas and darken your bedroom.
  • If you can’t sleep, don’t spend more than 20 minutes in bed tossing and turning. Get up for at least a few minutes, get a drink of water, use the bathroom and try again.


Does a Pregnancy Pillow Allow You to Sleep on Your Back?

A pregnancy pillow can be arranged in a way that allows you to comfortably sleep on your back. You can prop yourself up on the pillow with some additional back support so you’re comfortable all night long.

Does a Pregnancy Pillow Help You Sleep Better?

A pregnancy pillow is an ideal item to help you through your pregnancy. Even the best pregnancy that has you feeling really good for nine months will be taxing on your body. It’s helpful to have some additional support when you sleep so that you can find a comfortable position to rest in.

Why Does it Help to Put a Pillow Between Your Legs When You’re Pregnant?

One of the positions that a pregnancy pillow can be arranged into is sliding between your legs. If you’re sleeping on your side, that extra padding between your legs will help to align your spine and keep your back comfortable. You have a lot of pressure points in the area of your hips and back when you’re pregnant. It can be difficult to keep pressure off of areas that are experiencing a lot of discomfort.

Can You Lay on Your Stomach When You’re Pregnant?

Early on during your pregnancy before you’re showing, it’s possible to sleep on your stomach. It won’t be long before you belly starts to grow, and you’ll have to find a different position to keep you and your baby comfortable and safe. Most women start to show around 14 to 16 weeks, which would be the point that rolling over onto your stomach just isn’t going to be a safe option any longer. Not to mention, you probably wouldn’t find that position comfortable anyway.

What Happens if You Sleep on Your Back When You’re Pregnant?

It’s generally recommended that you avoid sleeping flat on your back when you’re pregnant. The reason for this is that the pressure of your growing uterus will slow down the blood flow that is going back to your heart. When this happens, your baby can experience less blood flow as well. If you’re finding that your back is the only comfortable position to be in when you’re pregnant, you should use a pregnancy pillow to prop yourself up a bit. If you’re in more of an upright position, this will promote proper blood flow to both you and the baby.

Do I Need to Wait to Purchase a Pregnancy Pillow?

There is no time in your pregnancy where it is unsafe to use a pregnancy pillow. If you feel more comfortable using one during your first trimester, there’s nothing that says you can’t use one at that point. You may find that the position you find most comfortable changes as time goes on, but most pillows allow you to adjust them accordingly.

Even if you don’t feel that you need a pregnancy pillow right now, you’ll surely benefit from one later on. Take some time to look at different options so you’re ready to purchase what you like when the time comes. You can even purchase it ahead of time so you can grab it when you experience that first uncomfortable night of sleep later on in your pregnancy.

When is the Best Time to Stop Sleeping on Your Back During Pregnancy?

Sleeping on your back is safe until the baby starts to grow larger and your uterus is expanding. It’s around the 16-to-18-week period of time that the weight of your uterus can start to cause issues. If you have a pregnancy pillow, use it to prop yourself up so there’s less weight and pressure on your body.

Should You Purchase a U-Shaped or C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow?

The shape of pregnancy pillow that you choose will depend on what kind of comfort you’re looking for. A C-shaped pregnancy pillow is nice when you’re sleeping on one side. You can hug the pillow, sliding it under your abdomen for support. If you do a lot of tossing and turning throughout the night, you may find that you have to move the C-shaped pillow from side to side with you. If you purchase a U-shaped version, you can switch your position throughout the night without having to change the positioning of the pregnancy pillow. However, the U-shaped version does take up more room. If you have a smaller bed, your spouse may have difficulty finding it comfortable to be in the bed with you!

What are the Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow when You’re Not Pregnant?

A pregnancy pillow is great when you’re expecting, but you don’t have to ditch your pillow once the baby has arrived. It’s still beneficial to provide your body with any additional support that it needs during the postpartum period and onward. You may still find that your back and hips hurt quite a bit as you recover, especially since you’ll be carrying around a baby all day. You don’t have to be pregnant to use a pregnancy pillow. They’re very similar to traditional body pillows, which are used by all different kinds of people for different uses.