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The Best Spring Festivals in Middle TN

The spring season is finally here and if you are looking for somewhere to take your family for a vacation, there’s nowhere exciting like Middle Tennessee. With historic cities like Franklin, Nashville, Columbia, Clarksville, and Arrington taking center stage, there’s so much to see in Middle Tennessee. There are a number of annual festivals that you can attend this spring. A majority of them are free and all you have to do to enjoy the experience is be in a fun mood. The events are staged in exciting outdoor spaces for you and your family to have the best experience. Here are the top 12 family-friendly events to look forward to attending this spring:

  1. Mule Day Festival

The beautiful Columbia City is historically known as the Mule Capital. This is mainly because of the Mule Day Festival. The spring event features a horse show, dancing, lumberjack competitions, and mule pulls. It’s generally a great family for the family. You are able to enjoy tasty BBQs, homemade pies, and cakes as you watch the parade.

  1. Tennessee Renaissance Festival

If you enjoy pageantry or costume-tailored events, then this festival is a must attend. it’s one of the best in Arrington and it features incredible musicians, magicians, and theatrical artists. It’s one of those events where your kids will always look forward to attending. The events happen during the weekends and each weekend has a special theme.

  1. Cherry Blossom Festival

Since 2009, the Cherry Blossom Festival has been marked as a way to boost the population of cherry trees. The target was 1000 trees by 2019. So, you can be a part of those planting the final batch this spring. The festival kicks off as a walk to the Nashville Public Square Park. At the park, you are able to be a part of the tree planting session and later celebrate the taste of Japan in terms of food, art, and cultural dance.

  1. East Nashville Beer Festival

Beer festivals are not just a cultural thing in Germany. In East Nashville, the event is normally marked every spring season. You can be a part of it at 3Crow Bar. You are allowed to take your spouse and children if they are above 18. It’s generally a great time to hydrate in the company of so many people. The neighborhood is also amazing.

  1. Earth Day Festival

This is a family-friendly annual event that is marked at Centennial Park in Nashville. The festival features eco-friendly vendors, workshops, public speakers, and learning booths. The theme of the festival is to celebrate nature and environmental conservation. There’s also live entertainment for the kids and a beer garden for the adults.

  1. Nashville Fashion Week

Everyone who’s crazy about fashion in Middle Tennessee always looks forward to this amazing spring event. This is where you experience beauty, glamor, and art in the same place. The fashion week attracts masses from Nashville and outside it. Since it runs for a week, you can choose which day to attend depending on the program or better still, attend the whole thing if you have the time to spare. If your kids are aspiring fashionistas or models, they’ll definitely have fun at the fashion week.

  1. Sevier Park Fest

Middle Tennessee is traditionally known to support and celebrate local talents. In 12 South Sevier Park, you can be part of this culture this spring season. You are expected to buy a ticket for the festival and the money is used to support the local park. As for the artists, it’s an opportunity to show their work to the world. Other than music, art is also celebrated at the festival. Your family will also enjoy amazing foods and drinks.

  1. Tin Pan South

Is any member of your family passionate about songwriting? Then you should take them to this annual festival. It runs for five days in different venues within Nashville and features over 250 established songwriters. Ideally, Tin Pan South is not just for songwriters but also for their fans, especially those aspiring to join the industry in the future. You’ll get the opportunity to get close to the songwriters as you listen to some of their top hits.

  1. Rivers and Spires

Over the years, the Rivers and Spiers Event has claimed top honors in Clarksville and it’s all for good reasons. For one, it’s free which means that families from Clarksville and other cities can attend without worrying about the entry fee. Two, it’s highlighted by local art, culture, and traditions. So, you’ll always have a feel of what Clarksville is all about here. Additionally, there are amazing family-friendly performances by top artists to enjoy.

  1. Cheekwood in Bloom

During the spring, more than 150,000 bulbs start blooming at Cheekwood Gardens. You can be a part of this sensational event if you take your family to the garden. They usually set a month or so for visitors to witness the wonderful mother nature display. There are also other activities that are family-tailored that you can enjoy at the Cheekwood. Your kids, in particular, will love it when they take a stroll in the gardens.

  1. Main Street Festival

This festival is believed to be the largest not just in Franklin but in the whole of Tennessee. It was recently named in the Top 20 list by Southeastern Tourism Society for being an incredible kids’ tailored event. Your kids are able to enjoy the bouncing inflatables, train drives, and pony rides. They can also take a break at the petting zoo. As for adults, they can visit the Garden Beer for a beer experience or the music and art-and-craft section for some fine art.

  1. Irish Music Festival

Lastly, if you enjoy Irish music or you want to experience it in the most exciting way, then you should walk on St. Patrick’s Day to the Nashville Public Square. The theme of the festival is Irish Music but you can also enjoy amazing food and drinks from Ireland. It’s basically one of those events in the US where the Irish culture is celebrated in full.