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Can You See a Chiropractor when Pregnant?

Many enjoyable things like sushi, rare steak and even caffeine are off- limits to pregnant mothers because of safety concerns. And since aches and pains are part of “what to expect when you’re expecting,” you might be wondering if a visit to see the chiropractor is off-limits, too. It’s a reasonable question to ask, and the answer to that question is a resounding no. 

In fact, chiropractic adjustments are not off-limits to expectant moms by any means, and they can help you safely get the relief you need during all stages of your pregnancy. The following guide discusses what you need to know about chiropractic care when you’re pregnant. 

Table of Contents

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy What You Can Expect

You can pretty much expect the chiropractic care you receive when you are pregnant to be similar to what you would receive when you’re not. One main difference is that your chiropractor should be Webster-certified if they will be giving you prenatal chiropractic adjustments (more on that later). Other than that, you can expect your appointment to go something like this: 

  • You’ll fill out patient forms: If it is your first visit to the chiropractor, you’ll be asked to fill out the necessary patient forms. Details you’ll give include your pregnancy due date, medical history and any specific concerns you’d like to share. Be sure to bring your identification and insurance card, too, because we will need them to document your health insurance details and see what services are covered by your plan.  
  • You’ll get an assessment: Your doctor will give you an initial evaluation to determine if there are any areas of misalignment, non-optimal function or any limited mobility. Then, the chiropractor takes the results and your medical history to put together a treatment plan that fits your unique needs. Rest assured that prenatal chiropractic adjustments are considered safe during pregnancy. However, you’ll still get a chance to review the plan and ask about any modalities and services used in your treatment. 
  • You’ll get an adjustment: Now comes the moment you’ve been waiting on – the prenatal chiropractic adjustments that start you on the road to feeling better! To begin with, you’ll lie face down on a comfortable table or big maternity pillow. Then, a Webster Certified Chiropractor uses the Webster Technique, a specific method designed for pregnant women, to give you gentle chiropractic adjustments. These targeted adjustments lead to many benefits during your pregnancy, and they also aid you when it comes to labor and delivery. 

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

The following information outlines a few of the benefits pregnant women can expect from prenatal chiropractic care. 

Healthier Overall Pregnancy

When your immune system is strong and healthy, the more likely your baby’s will be when they’re born. Because of this, the overarching goal of prenatal chiropractors is to provide you with a healthier overall pregnancy. 

To accomplish this, chiropractors address and remove any nerve obstructions in your spinal column that could prevent or impair your immune system from functioning at its highest levels. This treatment may even decrease undesired symptoms so you can enjoy a more comfortable and carefree pregnancy. 

Easier Labor and Delivery

Women who want to give birth naturally will benefit from chiropractic care during their pregnancy, as it helps eliminate the need for medicine and simplifies and improves the birthing experience. In addition, your chiropractor will ensure that your hips, pelvis and spine are correctly aligned and that your nerves work optimally through regular chiropractic adjustments. That last fact is crucial since these nerves manage contractions and dilate the cervix when a woman gives birth. 

Reduced Nausea

Morning sickness, which starts in early pregnancy, affects up to 70 percent of expectant moms. Chiropractors help reduce nausea and vomiting that accompany morning sickness by realigning your spine. This treatment will improve your overall nervous system function, allowing your hormones to achieve a better balance. As a result, the severity of your nausea and frequency of vomiting will be reduced. 

Optimal Baby Positioning

An infant who is not positioned to be delivered head first at the time of delivery is known to be in a breech “feet first” position. Breech positioning can lead to complications during delivery. Therefore, chiropractors use the Webster technique to remove the constraint in the uterus that is keeping an infant in this non-optimal position. 

This process also gives expectant moms more room in the uterus and pelvis during their third trimester of pregnancy. This benefit is wonderful because if the baby can move around with fewer constraints, they will likely migrate to the “head-down” position.

So we can help you, let Healing Hand Chiropractic know as soon as possible if your OB/GYN informs you that your baby is in a breech position. 

Relief from Back Pain

It is estimated that around 50 -70 percent of expecting moms experience back pain, and there’s a reason for that. Pregnant women produce a hormone that relaxes and loosens joints in the pelvic area. This hormone’s release allows them to prepare their body for labor and delivery. Unfortunately, this transition can result in a loss of stability and even spinal pain as the supporting ligaments become looser and more fragile. Regular adjustments from your chiropractor can help with both of these issues, thereby bringing relief to your aching back.   

Post Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

You continue carrying your baby long after they are born, so chiropractic care doesn’t need to end after pregnancy. Spinal adjustments can be an essential part of postpartum care and used at any time after giving birth. We typically tell new moms to come in for an appointment as soon as they feel ready to leave their homes.

We Can Help You throughout Your Pregnancy

The changes the body experiences throughout pregnancy place incredible stress on the human body as the baby grows. Chiropractic care can help the body adjust and adapt to these changes with ease. If you are ready to visit a prenatal chiropractor in Murfreesboro, TN, you can call Healing Hands Chiropractic at 615-203-3505 for more information. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with our easy-to-use online form