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The Best Date Night Stuff in Murfreesboro, TN

Situated less than an hour drive from Nashville, Murfreesboro is one of the liveliest cities in Tennessee. It currently enjoys a population size that’s slightly above 100,000 but this hasn’t stopped the city from embracing love at all times. it’s one of those places where love is celebrated everywhere you go. From the local restaurants to the music bars next door, there’s always a couple in love. As we are getting into the month of love, February, you must be looking for a place to take your valentine. Well, you can’t miss a sweet date night spot in Murfreesboro, TN. Actually, you don’t have to struggle to look for the spot. The following 10 are the best at the moment:

  1. Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Drawing its inspiration from Italy, Romano’s Macaroni Grill gives you and your date the chance to experience something magical this Valentine season. The moment you take a seat, you’ll be offered a bottle of fine wine to enjoy as you explore the options on the menu. There are finger biting Italian classics to consider. They also have an open kitchen where you can request for freshly-prepared and customized cuisines. This Valentine season, they are offering a special 3-course package at $50 per couple and it includes an appetizer and dessert.

  1. Five Senses

As the name suggests, this restaurant is all about delighting all your five senses. For example, your eyes will get excited with the items on the menu and your tongue will have the chance to taste some of them. As for your ears, they’ll take delight in the soothing music that’s played in the background. Often, the best nights to bring a date are on Monday and Wednesday. This is because they are traditionally reserved for romantic dates. But still, you can make reservations on any other night. Their menu is highlighted by culinary delights like oysters and pistachio-crusted lamb.

  1. Bar Louie

If you are looking for a happy hour moment with your date, you should not look far than Bar Louie. It’s historically known for serving the finest beers and cocktails. Still, you can ask for burgers. They are very tasty and goes well with the drink specialties. The atmosphere itself is fun. You can spend some time there dancing to cool music or engaging in fun games. Essentially, Bar Louie is more of a fun spot than a bar.

  1. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

Originally, BJ’s started as a brewhouse. Now, you can ask for almost any American cuisines and it will be served to you. They operate till late at night and the spot is ideal for casual dining. The most popular American cuisines on the menu are BBQs and pizza. They also have amazing desserts. Not forgetting that you can order your favorite beer directly from the brewhouse section. Generally, the foods and drinks here are handcrafted to promote American originality.

  1. Maple Street Grill

This is a historic date night spot that’s located downtown. The restaurant is known for its mouthwatering gourmet burgers and bacon-wrapped pork. Other specialties on the menu are filet mignon, pasta, citrus halibut, and salads. The prices are quite reasonable and if you are looking to enjoy a dinner late-night date on a budget, this is the spot to visit. You are able to spend as little as $15 a night. There’s also a bar section at the restaurant that’s specifically reserved for specialty drinks. You can grab a glass of fine wine or cocktail there.

  1. Dallas & Jane

This is a contemporary American restaurant that has a casually elegant dining style. So, if you are looking for a night date spot that has a luxurious theme, you should visit Dallas & Jane. Their attractive element is their culinary delights. They are focused on giving you’re a complete American dining experience. Most of the dishes are low calorie and so they are great if you are keen on watching your weight. They include mushroom tartine, haze carrots, squash salad, red shrimp, and shrimp croquette.

  1. White Castle

This is another casual dining date night joint that gives you and your sweetheart a nice romantic experience. The menu is exclusive and it comes with an American twist to remind you how beautiful the country is. Whether you are looking for customized fried chicken or tasty fries, you’ll get them at White Castle. The joint is also popular with America style burgers and seafood. Every night, the lovely joint never disappoints when it comes to a dinner date experience.

  1. Marina’s on the Square

Found close to the historic local courthouse in Murfreesboro, Marina’s on the Square is a cozy, budget-friendly, and comfortable date night spot. There are touches of love everywhere at the joint. From the seat arrangement to the music played, it’s all about love. The best night for a romantic getaway is on Thursday. It’s exclusively known as “Romantic Date Night.” Their menu is highlighted by Italian inspired dishes like stuffed mushrooms, stuffed pizza, and pasta. They don’t sell alcohol here and so you can bring kids along if both of you agree to it.

  1. Opah Greek Grill

If you are looking for Greek foods, there’s no better place to go than Opah Greek Grill. It’s a warm, vibrant, and cozy setting that’s ideal for any romantic getaway. The locals love the spot majorly because they serve large portions at reasonable prices. The fan-favorites, in this case, are gyros, tzatziki, and baklava. In addition to their tempting cuisines, the staff here is very warm. They’ll meet you with cheerful greetings as soon as you stepped into the joint.

  1. Sweet Cece’s

Lastly, a date night dinner is never complete without dessert. If there’s a place known for amazing sweet course flavors, it has to be Sweet Cece’s. Options here include toasted marshmallow, pomegranate raspberry, chocolate caramel, and strawberry. One advantage about the spot is that your dessert can be customized however you want. So, you are allowed to pick different flavor combinations and ask for your favorite topping. It basically doesn’t matter what dessert you are craving for as you’ll get it at Sweet Cece’s. It’s a perfect joint to complete your romantic night.

Final Thought:

The above spots are clear indicators that Murfreesboro is generally a romantic city. You have the opportunity to experience the magic of love that the city has to offer this year with your sweetheart. All you have to do is make the necessary reservations beforehand and prepare to enjoy one of the most memorable nights in your love life.