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Client Testimonials

Healing Hands Chiropractic is amazing! Regular adjustments always keeps me in a much better place. My body stays healthy and it’s much easier to function when your body is not in pain.
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Joni Wadell
19:24 26 Nov 20
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charles shaffer
17:09 25 Nov 20
Dr. D is an amazing person and provider. She and Beth make every trip to this office a bright spot in your day. They are special women and very talented and I can’t recommend this office enough!
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Gillian Choate
14:08 05 Nov 20
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Randy Taylor
01:22 22 Oct 20
Healing Hands Chiropractic office is clean, fun and a place of honor and respect. From the charming front office staff to Dr. Dee's knowledge and expertise, it runs like a well oiled engine.
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Amie Igou
13:57 17 Oct 20
Very caring and professional, great family atmosphere as a Doctor, Dr. Dee is the best.
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Cassandra Sanders
13:18 11 Oct 20
Love this place. Love the staff. Dr. “dee” is the best I’ve seen in my 46 years of living. She does a great job of educating her clients about their issues as well.
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tyson leslie
17:46 10 Oct 20
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Caroline Caudill
14:09 08 Oct 20
Healing Hands is a family, and they treat you that way. Dr. Dee is very knowledgeable and kind. She does such a great job and takes you along on the journey with her to helping you heal and grow, however that may look for each individual. Beth is such a sweetheart and a kind, warm, welcoming presence in the office!
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Maddie Blankenship
13:55 07 Oct 20
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Mark Davenport
16:19 06 Oct 20
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Amy Hart
16:14 06 Oct 20
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Meia K
13:32 27 Sep 20
We love Dr. Dee and Beth! Dr. Dee adjusts our whole family which includes 5 kids ranging from 13 years old to 18 months. They look forward to their visits with her and always sleep great afterwards! Thank you Dr. Dee for helping us live a healthier/stronger life!
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Jocelyn Gilday
13:09 25 Sep 20
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Taylor Hardy
18:03 18 Sep 20
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Blake Northern
18:10 15 Sep 20
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Morgan Herriman
17:01 15 Sep 20
The Ladies are the most wonderful people and their smiles are as beautiful as an early morning sunrise. Awsome experience!!!!!!
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Bodinkle robinson
16:15 11 Sep 20
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Krystina Townes
14:35 11 Sep 20
Quality care and affordable for a family!
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00:01 01 Sep 20
Everyone is caring and compassionate.
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Patricia McGee
16:41 28 Aug 20
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David Goodgine
18:56 27 Aug 20
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Kelley Wallace
13:05 27 Aug 20
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Hunter Wesson
01:24 21 Aug 20
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Bryleigh Schmitz
16:26 14 Aug 20
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courtney martin
13:33 14 Aug 20
Great staff. Dr Dee is very knowledgeable and cares about her patients. Highly recommend!
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Bethany Bratcher
16:36 13 Aug 20
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Lisa Yingst
16:57 28 Jul 20
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Chris Phillips
17:48 21 Jul 20
Friendly staff, beautiful office, wonderful chiropractic service. Dr. Dee helped not just my back and neck but also my knees. Highly recommended!
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Ralph Krisher
16:12 21 Jul 20
Dr. Dee is amazing at what she does! I have been seeing her for almost 2 years and she is so knowledgeable and sweet! I am a NP and I recommend her to all my patients!
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Alana Moore
16:11 15 Jul 20
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Jeff Swain
16:11 09 Jul 20
Outstanding people, very welcoming and know exactly what they’re doing. Highly recommend!
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Jacob Partee
13:30 03 Jul 20
Dr. Dee and her faithful assistant Beth are extremely sweet women. Dee is a consummate professional and genuinely cares about her patients and their wellbeing. Beth always has a smile in her voice and is very accommodating when scheduling a session. I always look forward to my visit.
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Marc Jenkins
18:17 02 Jul 20
Dr. Dee and Beth are sweet, professional, caring, and accommodating of work schedules. It’s always a great experience and leave feeling better every time.
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Martin Martinez
00:40 13 Jun 20
Most caring Doctor and staff I’ve ever seen!!
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Hannah Jones
17:49 12 Jun 20
Open treatment area allows for quick and efficient treatment of multiple clients. Dr. D and Beth are awesome. 5 stars would recommend.
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Caleb O'Gorman
16:12 12 Jun 20
Dr Dee is so knowledgable and helpful with how the body works and keeping it on track. I love the family and laid back environment as well.
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The OrangeLady212
18:22 10 Jun 20
I remember Dr. Dee when she first started out. And I have been with her ever since, I will never go to another chiropractor. My daughter and I have been going for 7 years, we started out with actual physical ailments, but now we only go for maintenance. Not only is it physically healing, but spiritually as well. Not only do we love her and her stuff, but we give a big shout out to her cute puppy leo!!!
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Kristianna Leverette
16:16 10 Jun 20
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Hylan Alsup
16:08 09 Jun 20
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Jacob Steelman
20:41 05 Jun 20
Dr. Amanda Dee Baes is a true craftsman. She not only listens to what her patients say, but she educates as she treats. I have been working with her since 2016 and can see massive improvement in my mobility, balance, and immune system. I have less pain during my heavy workouts and know that her expertise is only going to bring me further in my recovery and strength. After experiencing a back & shoulder injury, we have made significant progress together. I highly recommend her over anyone else in the middle Tennessee area for chiropractic care!!!
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Amy Robinson
10:53 04 Jun 20
Cant say enough good things about Dr. Dee. Zero back issues in a year and a half. Beth is awesome too 😬.
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Cliff Vaughn
16:07 03 Jun 20
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Kayla Brannom
18:29 02 Jun 20
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Colt Harris
16:16 28 May 20
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Leslie Washburn
13:13 27 May 20
Dr D has helped me tremendously. She is an excellent doctor and cares about her patients. Her assistant Beth is one of the friendliest lady’s ever.
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Gordon Greene
17:36 22 May 20
Super friendly! Dr. Dee is the best!
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Emily Edge
13:06 22 May 20
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Mr Smith
16:39 19 May 20
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Kaci Payne
18:28 13 May 20
Fantastic experience 🙂. This is a truly healing environment and exemplary standards of care. I would highly recommend this facility.
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Jennifer Farmer
15:52 07 May 20
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