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The Best Breakfast Spots in Murfreesboro, TN

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Uncategorized


Murfreesboro is a great place to visit, and its beautiful environment makes it even better. There is no doubt that Murfreesboro is one of the fastest growing cities in Tennessee. It is also an affordable place to visit compared to other cities. This place is known to have a good educational system, high health care provision, and so many things that are very appealing. But do you know that they have restaurants that prepare mouth-watering breakfasts?

The Best Breakfast Spots in Murfreesboro, TN



If you are looking for a perfect place to fill your stomach in the morning before setting out for the day, All American Cafe will give you all that you need to do that. At All American Cafe, there are so many light delicious foods from which you can choose and they are all available at great prices.

They open for business at exactly 6:00 am. All American Cafe is located at 2805 Old Fort Pkwy, Murfreesboro.


First Watch is a great breakfast spot in Murfreesboro. Choose from a variety of amazing breakfast omelettes, pancakes, or lighter fare.

The First Watch opens every day at 7 am and is located at 1970 Medical Center Pkwy, Murfreesboro, TN.


Do you want to have a taste of the best omelets, salads, burgers and cobblers? Then you should visit City Cafe. This restaurant is the only one that offers the very best of these tasty foods. Take a trip down here and you will never want to leave. City Cafe is a small breakfast spot with big things to offer. This breakfast spot is located at 113 E Main St, Murfreesboro, TN.


Would you like to take coffee with breakfast whenever you are in Murfreesboro? I have something that might just suit you. Here at Just Love Coffee and Eatery, a cup of coffee is an experience. At this breakfast place you can enjoy amazing lattes and other types of coffee, as well as amazing breakfast food. Head on down to Just Love Coffee & Eatery at 2863 Old Fort Pkwy, Murfreesboro, TN.

Healing Hands Chiropractic Loves Murfreesboro, TN

Dr. Dee and her amazing staff at Healing Hands Chiropractic not only strive to offer the best chiropractic care to the people of Murfreesboro and its surrounding areas, but they also want to help them enjoy the city of Murfreesboro! Do you have a favorite breakfast spot that you’d like to share? Drop it in the comments below!