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Amanda Dee Baes

Dr. Amanda Dee Baes is a 2008 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Upon graduation, she co-owned practices in Illinois and Wisconsin, and practiced in an 8 Weeks to Wellness Clinic in Georgia. She opened Healing Hands Chiropractic in Murfreesboro in 2015.

Dr. Dee started receiving chiropractic care as a child and continues to utilize it for both increased athletic performance and overall health reasons.

As a former NCAA Division-1 Athlete, Dr. Dee understands the unique demands involved with high-performance athletes. Her focus on neurology, physiology, mechanics, and sport specific movements – help athletes of all ages perform better, recover faster, and gain a competitive advantage. Because of her passion of working with athletes, Dr. Dee has become the Official Team Chiropractor for our MTSU Blue Raider Athletes since 2017 and can be found cheering them on at many of their games.

Pediatrics and Pregnancy is a massive part of Healing Hand Chiropractic. Dr. Dee is Webster Certified and receives hundreds of referrals a year from Mid-wives, doulas, OBGYN’s, pediatricians, and other happy mothers. Webster’s Technique helps the mother have better balance of her pelvis so that baby will naturally want to assume the correct birth position of head down.

With years of advanced level pediatric and pregnancy training, Dr. Dee has established a reputation of being one of the few chiropractors in Middle Tennessee that is comfortable and confident in checking and adjusting babies and Newborns which is why most mothers bring their infants in to be checked on their way home from the hospital. You will notice many happy children and babies getting their adjustments along with mommy and daddy during your care with us.

Dr. Dee enjoys investing time with her husband Michael, their daughter, and everybody’s favorite furry puppy Leo, by traveling, going on hiking adventures, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and attending concerts and plays. She also enjoys spending time with friends, attending church, going to the gym, reading and listening to podcasts, and painting.
It is her strong desire to leave a legacy impacting thousands of families to live healthier, happier versions of themselves.

You are in great hands with Healing Hands Chiropractic! We look forward to seeing you.